Ms. Rodgers – Educator of the Year

I chose Ms. Rodgers for Educator of the Year for many reasons. I could sit here and just say she is a really good teacher, but there are a lot of other things that set her apart from other teachers. Here’s why she deserves this award.Ms.

Rodgers is no ordinary teacher. She teaches music and is one of the few who actually teaches it. That alone sets her apart from others. When she teaches music and notes and stuff , she explains it in simple and understandable ways. She even does certain things to help us remember important stuff.

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Ms. Rodgers deserves this title in every way. She is nice, caring, and teaches one of my favorite classes. She is a very confident person, but she also believes in every one of her students. It’s not only in music, she believes in you in; it’s everything.

Anything you aspire to be, she believes in you, and she believes that you can complete it. She pushes a lot of people to do their best and she believes in you so much; it really helps a lot of people like me. To know a teacher is on your side and is there to help you is great; Things like this tend to happen at the DMA. Most of the staff here is nice and care for every student; every teacher takes time to know who you are.Ms. Rodgers is a very calm person, and she is funny when she wants to be.

I think she deserves this title for so many reasons. Not all teachers let you have fun and actually teach you at the same time, but she manages to do it. I know it doesn’t seem like a crazy concept, but I truly appreciate it.I hope she gets Educator of the Year Award; she really does deserve this. It’s my first year at DMA and she has made the biggest impact on me out of all the teachers here. She is really good at what she does and how she does it, and I hope everything I have said will get her that award.