One of the Fine Group of Teache

Mr. O’Kneski is one of the fine group of teachers who teach at the Delaware Military Academy. I choose him because of several reasons revolving around his teaching ways.

Mr. O’Kneski is the kind of teacher who wants his students to fully understand the American Government. Every week Mr. O’Kneski does a lesson about the American government system and how it appeals to the citizens of the United States. For an example how cases such as Brown V Board of Education which was a decision by United States Supreme Court that declared state laws establishing segregated public schools unconstitutional affected America.Mr. O’Kneski also is very funny and makes jokes that help students learn better. Students can make connections with the lesson after hearing a funny joke. Jokes also make students relax which makes the lesson easier for them to learn.

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He always tries to help his students with their class work. He notices when students are failing or having trouble with work and works to find the problem so that they can do better. He explains the problems as best as he can so that the student who is having problems understands. Us Students respond with interest and motivation to teachers who appear to be human and caring.Mr.

O’Kneski makes his students do current events for homework so students will get more interested into world issues and politics. Most kids who go to public school didn’t know what was going on in Libya, but we students who do current events knew about Libya before the fighting started. I believe Mr. O’Kneski is a great teacher and he should receive this award.