Mrs. Sherri Bell – Educator of the year contest

I nominate Mrs.

Sherri Bell as the educator of the year. She is probably one of the best AP English teachers that have ever taught me. She’s strict yet; she has a very kind personality and is a fun teacher to be around. One very important lesson she taught me is to stop procrastinating on every assignment and think ahead. She never takes late work so it was a must that I turned everything in on time. In past years my English teachers were very lenient on late work and didn’t really care if it was late or not, which later on affected me.

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I entered my sophomore year thinking late work would be acceptable, but not in Mrs. Bell’s class.The first time I turned a late assignment she let it by, but the next time she didn’t accept it. I figured she would have shown a bit of sympathy, but she didn’t. This made me realize I can’t procrastinate and think that every teacher is going to be lenient towards me.Many students dread English class, including me, but Mrs.

Bell makes it easier because she explains stuff in good detail. If you’re ever stuck on something you can always rely on her to give you a good explanation on what to do.Mrs. Bell has been teaching for quite a bit, and she has mentioned the fact that she might be retiring soon. I think her winning this award will be a great way to end her teaching career and a well earned reward for her for putting up with all the stress AP English teachers have to go through.