Educator of the Year Contest Nominee

I would like to nominate Mrs.

Tonya Andrews for this special award because she has been the best high school teacher I have ever had. She has worked at Cleburne High school in the math department for over twenty-six years and has always seemed to love teaching and seeing others learn. I have had Mrs. Andrews for two years in a row now, and I know that she will be one of those teachers that I never forget. Mrs. Andrews has changed my life forever and has made having to learn math fun.

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She creates songs and fun skits that help us memorize formulas and lessons each day. Every day is something new that you don’t want to miss out on. Not all the lessons are the most fun, in fact many are very challenging, but somehow Mrs. Andrews comes up with a way to make each day better. When there is a certain topic that you don’t understand, she will stop the whole class and make sure that each student grasps the new information. After trying to explain a lesson to the best of her ability, if you still didn’t quite understand, you could come after school for a more one on one learning environment.

I have been to tutoring many times and each time she has sat right next to me and got down on my level. She explains problems in a way that no other teacher has, walking you through each step slowly until you fully understand. I have never seen Mrs. Andrews in a bad mood and she always has a big smile on her face. She will talk to any student about almost any topic and can make you smile when you’re having a bad day.

Mrs. Andrews is full of funny stories and will make you laugh in any situation. She has the heart of a mother and cares about each and every student that walks in her door. Mrs. Andrews is a great example of what a teacher is supposed to be. The mood that she creates each day makes for a fun and enjoyable learning environment.

The time and effort that she puts in is very evident and each day is a math adventure just waiting to be explored. I feel that without this wonderful teacher in my high school career, I would not be able to succeed at the level I am today. Some may say that a teacher is just a teacher, but I know one that is much more than that!