Jennifer Zuccarelli – Educator of the Year

I would without a doubt give the “Educator of the Year” award to my 9th-grade Biology teacher, Jennifer Zuccarelli, who teaches at Clarkstown High School North! First off, Biology is my favorite subject of all time, next to chemistry that is, which made liking her so much easier! Mrs. Zuccarelli is a very energetic, fast-paced, and bubbly individual. She makes learning a blast and really grabs my attention to the topic at hand. Along with that, she is also extremely understanding and is always available to explain and clarify difficult concepts, topics, and tests. Most importantly, Mrs.

Zuccarelli is always willing to share fun and interesting stories about her past and family which makes the class more engaging and hilarious. Because she used to work in an animal hospital/lab, Mrs. Zucarelli is never short on exhilarating and entertaining stories that always keep you on your toes! Mrs. Zuccarelli, all in all, is just a great big ball of happiness and joy, never failing to put a huge smile on my face and brighten my day in high school, where it tends to be extremely dull. I was very fortunate to have her as my Biology teacher and it is a pleasure of mine to dedicate to her the “Educator of the Year” award!

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