Edward Scissorhands Analysis

?? One of the many flaws that people in this world have is the easy ability to judge a book by its cover. In Tim Burton’s beautiful film, Edward Scissorhands explains the true meaning of harsh judgment by society. This Drama-Fantasy film from the 1990’s shows how harsh society can be at an instance to such a harmless creation, which comes to show how quick people can judge without knowing. For many years now Edward (played by Johnny Depp) has been in lonely solitude causing him a lack of the outside world.

His creator made him with a human heart.Edward is welcomed into Peg’s (played by Dianne Wiest) home after she has seen him in the mansion all by himself. Living in such a calm suburban area many aroused curiosity by Edward’s appearance, but he soon lays his eyes on Peg’s daughter Kim (played by Winona Ryder). He soon begins to feel some sort of way for Kim until her boyfriend Jim (played by Anthony Michael Hall) comes along and builds a type of hatred towards him. It is soon seen how Edward changes as we are convinced through his first impression he has given.

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?? Once again, Edward consists of a normal human body, aside from his unique hands.It was difficult for Edward after his creator passed, but he found he managed to get through it as he found a new hobby of cutting hedges and sculpting ice with his scissor hands. He had struggles to live his life, but he was lucky enough that Peg and Kim are by his side one-hundred percent of the time. Edward soon became everyone’s favorite because he was able to do others favors due to his ability of cutting hair and hedges. He was the one everyone came to and was even told to open up a business with such talent he possessed from his hands.

After being framed for a crime his so-called friends were nowhere to be found. From there on people saw Edward differently after the crime as if he had betrayed the neighborhood and everyone seemed to be disappointed and insecure from him. From the beginning he always had a place in Peg and Kim’s heart without a doubt. ? ? Edward was hidden in such a scary gothic mansion which was seen to be all dusty and dull. This mansion that Edward was in, as he seemed to be letting the years go by like if they were minutes, showed how lonely he’s been and drew a different path for him in which excluded society.By this he was never able to experience the outside world because he knew he was just different than other.

Once he arrives to the suburbia, he is almost like a lost child. He has the body of an adult, but after being so excluded he has the mindset of an adolescent. ?? A key scene was when Edward was first brought home and Peg was introducing him around to the neighborhood. After getting started at cleaning up some hedges he went to wash his hands when Peg’s husband said “we don’t want him rusting up on us, do we? Although, he might have said that with good intentions, it came off like he had no interest in Edward. That he approached him as property rather than taking in an innocent boy to assist and care for.

?? Similarly to Edward is the Mask, directed by Peter Bogdanovich. This film was based on the true story of Roy L. “Rocky” Dennis, a young boy diagnosed with a rare disorder called craniodiaphyseal dysplasia. Just like Edward, Rocky struggled with society’s judgments of his physical being, especially while in school where he was just a kid who got rejected.Due to Rocky’s such charming and funny personality people were able to get past his problems and begin to acknowledge his intelligence, just like Edward how he was admired for his unique work done by his hands. ?? In conclusion, poor Edward never meant to hurt anybody and Burton set it off as a message because his hands he was never able to be affectionate to his loved ones and only caused danger.

Aside from his innocence he didn’t mean any harsh intensions, but it was hard for others to see his ability to love and have such a kind heart after the crime he was set up and accused for.So Edward Scissorhands, can be considered an all time classic because the message of not judging a book by its cover is revealed deeply in this film as seen through Edward himself for being pointed out as an outcast by the neighborhood. Also it’s an important message for a lot of people being able to relate to it because it is seen a lot through society for others being judged or out casted. It is hard for the people not being accepted, but being left out and not fitting in.