Effectiveness of Community Policing

Community policing is described as the idea that promotes societies strategies that support methodical partnership and application of techniques in solving problems aiming to proactively address the immediate situation which will thereafter give rise to the safety of the public from risks such as social disorder, crime and its fear. The changes done in the police force will be of great impact to the system thus effective delivery to the citizens and the community at large.

On the other hand comp stat is referred to as the strategy of law enforcement adapted by employment of systems of geographic information to map crime, identifying problems and hot spots and find solutions. POLICE RESPONSIBILITIES Police responsibilities of the police include crime prevention, crime fighting, providing service and peace keeping for the citizens of respective country or nation. POLICE ISSUES On police issues are always limited in matters of the trans-jurisdictional policing concern as it consists of ten areas for scholarly field interest known as police science. Also the areas where there are no specific orders for the issues to be examined. POLICE MANAGEMENT The management of police has been put under light for being bad and disastrous. Promotion in the sector is one of the most hit areas in that whereby there is political interference in the force promotions of ranks.

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Through these the organizational pyramid shape has a problem with the chief being at the top and then followed by a very rigid chain of command by line of officers that represent a worst management science. The managers always serve as a gateway of citizens to criminal system of justice. It is usually observed when the officers relay on the supervisors decision in solving any problem pertaining criminals. The authorities need to help and make the system run; also addition of policies guidelines and procedures should regulate conduct. However, it operates in small-to-medium areas where each one is alike and also generalist and by trying to change it is like bending granite (Guyot, 1979). Agreement is one important factor which is used for any project or group performance of duties and due to that I will ensure that each member of the staff clearly understand what we are expecting and taking time to explain the importance of doing it.

In addition to that by describing the expectations to the subordinate leaders and asking them for input on the ways to improve performance. These will help in addressing the matters pertaining the reviving it and also put together new ideas which will help in better performance (Joseph, 1996). Advising of each other makes the working environment peaceful thus favoring work conditions. Personal experience makes the subordinate staff have their confidence boosted thus believing in what they do. In a community where teenage murder is one biggest problem calling for attention for its rampant nature requires maximum attention.

To begin with, the department is to introduce an initiative in computer assistance in community policing whereby the police are taken to high-crime rated areas and the criminals are identified through computer tracking method thus making the work easier and manageable. Also the other way to invent the policing is by tracking or identifying the main cause of the problem. Mostly teenagers murder another when under influence of illegal drugs whereby they loose control and lack sense which lead to the murder of the other. According to these issues our staff is trained in the ways to detect drugs and skills on retrieving them from the teenagers and by doing these it will help in controlling the cases of teenage murder (Horowitz, 1995). Teenagers most of the time use weapons to murder others, the only way to cub it is ensuring that those that own crude and dangerous weapons are identified and the weapons confiscated .

the weapons will be detected by our sophisticated detectors and after that the culprit put behind bars for possession of it illegally (Joseph, 1996). Through the powers given by the authorities and law we will ensure justice prevail. Introduction of community programs and seminars that educate the teenagers on the importance of life and why should protect life. Furthermore rewarding of any good conduct observed to save life e.g.

commendation certificates to the youths who move around helping the police to educate others about the value and effects of protecting and destroying life (Horowitz, 1995). The approach also helps and by that they can convince those who are addicted to drugs and cause violence mostly to join the rehabilitation centers for the help of professionals to quit drugs and lead a better life which will promote peace and reduce murders in that the youth will co-exist peacefully in the community. By ensuring that the youth are not idol the government must ensure that they get education and jobs afterwards and through these they will not generate evil ideas on abusing drugs which may lead to murders. Lastly the law should be tough when penalizing the violators i.e.

murderers ensuring that they serve as example to the community at large. To conclude life is a vital thing and it must be protected in every means so the community these threats of murder are protected through introduction of the policies discussed above.POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY The police have a duty in arrangement of the responsibility mechanisms for public in assuring the public that they know what they are doing. The examples of mechanisms that should be accountable by the police in the system are like preparation of annual reports and then releasing them to the media groups and the public. In addition they should also admit to errors in their judgment and by having the civilian board of advisors to assist them iin the planning of the logical extension.

POLICE ETHICS The biggest problem in the enforcement of law is corruption and others like profanity usage to sexual deviance. The training of police ethics is usually basing on ideas that they need to hold themselves to higher standards than an average person. The basic reason that makes policing to remain behind and un-ethical and also sub-professionalized is that police always demand of self-regulation instead of going out to earning it themselves through their services. They have also abused the monopoly trust on them by even not making a dent in any other qualities that define professionalism. There must be a regulatory code of ethics that will guarantee public with exact standards with which the services are delivered.

In addition the special knowledge with expertise should be applied and non-existence of plain old- fashioned common sense. POLICE LAWIt has four areas which are the search and seizure, stop and frisking, arrest and the interrogation. The Supreme Court also devised two rules the Miranda and the exclusionary rule. There is a vast difference between the Supreme Court and the policing world in the streets. The bills of rights and constitution protects a citizen from the police power abuses but it is very difficult to interpret the provisions in modern times.

Starting with stop and frisk, there are times when police are not even interested in arresting someone or securing evidence for court use. It is the initial stage of investigation but only to check the suspicion of a person or place. The law gives police a right to detain somebody temporarily in any public place if the specific articulable facts may lead to crime management and the standard is known as reasonable suspicion. The police contradict with the Supreme Court for they think of it as a profiling while the court takes it as a step above hunch. The search and seizure rule which is very powerful and exclusionary.

In the court the most powerful thing in controlling the police is the rule whereby it takes a piece of the illegal evidence obtained which may be most critical and incriminating piece of evidence. The exceptions mean that police don’t need warrant in conducting any seize or search. The other rule is arrest whereby the police in special seizure of a person and takes him or her to custody and the standard being probable cause. The Supreme Court also allows it to mix with the procedures that are local for arrest can be necessary before getting a warrant. Lastly, interrogation rule whereby the when a person is in custody then investigation focuses on the suspect.

Often the custody and the focus are the synonymous and sometimes they are not. It is mostly used to persuasion or even pressure of the ultimate goal that is being verbally tricked in obtaining a confession or an admission to criminal behavior (Medalie, 1966).