Case Study on Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness Case Study:

Personal effectiveness is the complex of techniques which improve the self-help of everyone making him an effective employee. Nowadays every organization is supposed to have a manager who regulates the activity of employee, follows and facilitates their work and makes the quality of work higher. Of course, one must not rely simply on the facilitation of the manager and outer motivation, so one has to develop his own skills which can be effective in his occupation. First of all personal effectiveness is the model which helps to develop the positive approach towards work.

One should get rid of fears, nervousness and start to believe in the success and quality of his activity. Total positive attitude towards work is the core component of the successful transformations of the human behaviour and sober and constructive solutions. The employee is expected to start cooperating with the rest of the staff in order to get rid of the complexes related with the social activity and interpersonal relations. Then one should understand his strong and weak sides in order to know what qualities can be useful for the further development of the firm and what skills require improvement. The employee should remember about his spirit and psychological health and healthy spirit is possible only in the healthy body, so one should maintain his health for the quality of the work. Next, one should set the priorities and define what he wants to achieve and in what order.

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The complex of all these positive qualities and models of thinking are able to persuade the individual in his own importance. The employees self-esteem and self-respect increases and he is ready to work in the right way for the common benefit of the firm.Personal effectiveness is the part of the corporate psychology and there are numerous techniques and therapies which are able to change the human behaviour and self-esteem for the better. The student is able to research the issue on personal effectiveness on the definite case suggested by the teacher. One can define the cause of the problem (the low level of the employee’s self-respect) and its effect on the quality of the employee’s work.

The result of the case study is the sober evaluation of the problem and adequate solution of the problem.Nearly every student is not experienced enough to prepare a successful case study himself. The role of a free example case study on personal effectiveness can not be exaggerated, because the student learns about the process of writing and the methods of the research. Furthermore, the student can learn about the process of formatting and choice of the methodology reading a free sample case study on personal effectiveness in the Internet.