Case Study on Personal Selling

Personal Selling Case Study:

Psychologically, personal selling is a good think, because many people are too well-bred to break the conversation over the phone up and with the run of time they catch all the necessary information about the product and often become interested in it.

It is obvious that a seller should possess a range of special communicative skills and to be good at human psychology. The person should be flexible and look for the phrases and the right words which can help her sell the product. The biggest disadvantage of personal selling is the clients’ prejudice that the product advertised by the seller does not worth anything; its quality is low and price high. Moreover, many people do not like being told what to buy. Finally, personal selling is quite an expensive type of advertisement, because the boss has to pay money to the sellers who spend their time trying to sell goods over the phone.Personal selling is quite a useful type of advertising but it can be used only in the particular cases.

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A good personal selling case study is expected to be informative, logically composed and interesting. One should present the history of the method, its main principles and techniques and catch the importance of the method for the marketing. After that one can move to the research of the direct problem related with personal selling in the particular case or situation. One should investigate the case site, understand the cause of the problem and analyze its effect. In the end one should demonstrate his knowledge and present good methods which can improve the situation for the better and reduce the consequences of the problem under research.The web is the best help for students who have problems with the organization of their case studies.

A free example case study on personal selling written by an expert illustrates the general ways and standards of writing which can be borrowed by a student. It is wise to read at least a few free sample case studies on personal selling in the Internet to improve your knowledge on the topic and writing skills.