Effects of Mobile Phones

The use of the mobile phones has risen to greater heights among the people. Mobile is usually used next to the ears when one is talking so as to perceive or get the information clearly. It has been said that the mobile phones have major harmful effects to the health of its users; the mobile phone according to research usually results to some genetic damages, memory loss among others.

Does the use of mobile phones really have possible effects on the health of human beings and can these effects be prevented?The mobile phones usually produce electromagnetic radiations which have a link to cancer. Radiations are intangible and invisible and they enter our bodies and leave at the same time without us knowing about it. Exposing oneself to the radiations in a time of two minutes can lead to disablement of safety barrier in the blood, causing protein and toxins may leak into brain, hence, increasing Parkinson’s and other related ailments from occurring.It has been said by scientists that the low level radiation cause the red blood cells to have hemoglobin leakage, this can lead to kidney stones and the heart disease. Brain tumor is also a problem that has been linked with the use of mobile phones according to the recent studies. It is has been feared that the mobile phone towers emit a lot of radiations due to high number of emitting gadgets located on them.

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A recent experiment on the rats exposed to the microwaves same as those of the mobile phones, showed the break of DNA which is an adverse effect. In a similar experiment, a mouse was exposed to those radiations for 18 months. At the end of 18 months, the mice had developed brain tumor. This case can as well happen to human beings.They are various ways that can be used to prevent the time of exposure to those radiations which includes restricting the use of mobile phones for emergencies only and not for long conversations. Use of radiation protection device which absorb electromagnetic, this reduces effects of radiation on the body.

It is also a good idea not to hold the mobile on the ear all the time; this also reduces the effects on the body (lovely sms.com).It is true that the high use of mobile phones have a diverse effects on human beings and therefore, it is important that every user should take into consideration the preventative tips, this may help to reduce the effects that may occur in their bodies. Effects of radiations are there and high use of the phones may have adverse effects on the life of a human being.