Effects of Technology!

Technology is one of the most popular tools in the world. Many people are starting to revolve their life around technology for some apparent reason. I believe it’s because we can find out about what’s going on everywhere in the world. Having a laptop in school is convenient for both students and teachers. Promethean boards are a plus for classrooms; and having state of the art technology, students would be more focused on working. Keeping a laptop at school is convenient for students and teachers because we can organize our work.

On a laptop, we can create a folder for our different classes. A laptop can be our personal assistant because we can type notes, set important dates, and the laptop will save it all. Laptops are a great organizer because sometimes we won’t feel like writing some notes. In that case, we can easily use our laptop instead of quickly jotting down notes we won’t be able to understand when we go back to go over them. Laptops are effective because we can save our work on them and not use too much paper.

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We shouldn’t worry about losing our work because we can save what we have on our laptop to a jump drive. A Promethean board keeps teachers and their students on the same page. Some students are better at learning visually than orally or vice versa. Having a Promethean board, a teacher will be able to teach visually and of course orally to the greatest extent. The Promethean board kind of tie in with the laptop, therefore when we do a class assignment, the instructions can be on the Promethean board and we could work on our laptops.

The effect on having a Promethean board in the class is a teacher would be able to help the students better understand what they’re teaching. An effect of great technology in school is everyone who use these devices are learning more about technology because technology is rapidly growing in our world today. So, basically many jobs nowadays have some type of technology dealing with the job. State of the art technology would better focus any student because they would be more interested in working on a computer or laptop then work from a book. Having good technology takes would most likely take away carrying heavy books around. School would be more interesting if had different types of nice technology.

Students are better off having a laptop than being given a sheet of paper to keep up with. Most high school students will not keep up with a sheet of paper, especially sheets of papers. An effect of having state of the art technology is an increase in our schools’ scores because many students find online testing easier than a written test. Student will be more excited about working on a nice device; so amazing technology devices should be in schools. Anyone who just use cell phone knows that it is an interesting device. Just imagine nice laptops, computers, Promethean boards, and ELMOs filled in a school.

That would make the schools look like a better learning environment. With laptops or computers, it would be easy to quickly look up what we want to know.