Gary is a community college student with a job on the side to help take care of his struggling family. Gary and his family survive from paycheck to paycheck.

He has a week long test coming up that can earn him $10,000 dollars in scholarship money to go to a four year college. He knows he will pass but his family would fall behind in their payments without his income and lose their home. Should Gary take the test or should he let it pass? Which answer is right and which one is wrong? The difference between the two has never truly been clear in most cases, even theft and murder can be argued as right or wrong. What is justified as right? What is justified as wrong? Once can never truly tell because of the complications behind this subject. First, there are always two sides to every conflict.

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One side will themselves as right while the other side will see them as wrong. Second, is there really a difference between the two sides? Most of the time in these conflicts both of the sides are going for the same goal, sometimes in a different way and in others the same exact way.