The End of the Year Test

Get up; get dressed; eat breakfast; go to school; do work; go home; snack; hang with friends; shower; study; bed. This is the generic high schooler’s routine. Your parents tell you that you have to go to school even if you don’t want to and you ask why. They say ‘So you can get into a good college! School prepares you for it!’ Or do they..

. It seems like more and more lately, schools are less focused on prepping you for college and more focused on you passing that dreaded end of the year test. You know, the BIG test. (Not that SAT or ACT) You spend all year toiling over school and homework, trying to wrap your brain around those hideous math problems and those big words just so you can pass a test full of info that you’ll forget by the end of the week. So tell me- why are the State Boards of Education making us take these tests? In my opinion, the end of the year tests are kinda useless.

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(other than a way for the state to gauge how your school is doing) They’re a big stress causer and if you fail, you have to take remediation classes. The teachers say that they’re preparing you for college- if taking remediation classes sets you back on credits, does THAT prepare you for college?