Elementary Bus Safety

Its the beginning of the year and as this reporter observed the children getting off the bus at the Boys and Girls club. All of these kids are running off the bus and this is very dangerous. At the entrance to the Boys and Girls club you get a card that has your first and last name on it and a barcode that you use to sign into the Boys and Girls club.

It is pandemonium in the beginning of the boys and girls as you hear kids repeatedly saying ” I was in front of you.” You would put the barcode under a scanner that signs you and out of the boys and girls club. After a good 5-10 minutes all the noise and pushing dims down and you can finally sign in peacefully Once you sign into the boys and girls club you go to the room of your age group. There is a 2nd to 5th grade room, then there’s the toddlers room, there’s also a Teen Center for grades 6th and above. Here is some Solutions Does your child run on and off the bus? Bus safety is important for you, your family, and just life in general. If you don’t know if your child runs or not, you should tell them not to every day because,the bus could take your childs life.

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To add on the schools should have meetings with the bus drivers, to make sure the kids aren’t running onand off the bus. Also if parents have time they should walk and watch their kids at the bus stop, so they know their kids aren’t doing anything stupid at the bus stop. To add on they will witness anything that happens at the bus stop. Here is some research I did on Bus safety Always walk on the sidewalk Walk on left if no sidewalk Go to the bus stop a couple minutes before the bus comes Never go back tothe busif you forgot something Don’t put your hand on the handle because it can get caught Wait for the bus to stop before getting on and off it