Elephants and What They Symbolize in Different Religions

My cousin had brought to my attention that elephants symbolize many different things in many other eastern beliefsSo I did some “research” ( By “research” I mean obsessing.

reading article after article, video after video ). Elephants have been popular in many beliefs, mythology, symbolizm and popular culture. They are also famously known for being unbelievably strong war animals. Some may believe that elephants are a sign of burden or failure. Asian elephants are considered a sign of strength and wisdom.

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The African elephants also symbolizes wisdom and amazing strength. In African fables the elephant is usually described as an amazing animal that is smart and too kind. Elephants are also discovered to be popular in Egyptian hieroglyphs an cave art. Elephants were not popular animals roaming through Egypts deserts, but Egyptians still believed the strength and wisdom of the mammal. The Ashanti people of Ghana believe that an elephant is a human chief from the past. When they find a dead elephant in the forest, they give him a proper chief’s burial.

I think it’s amazing that I love elephants so much because I am fascinated in different facts like these.