Analysis Paper Hills Like White Elephants

Victor Aguirre ENGL 1102 (T/R 9:30a.

m. ) February 1, 2013 Short Story Analysis Paper Topic: Hills like White Elephants Meaningful Hills Hills are seen as just abstract objects in a distance, some may be seen as beautiful and they are hard to get around when you don’t have the best way to overcome them. In the short story an American man and a girl named Jig are sitting in a rail station waiting for the train to Madrid. While they are waiting, they have an intense, ongoing discussion over whether or not Jig will get an abortion.

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The hills are viewed as a symbol of how big obstacles can set minor setback in life, but you have to find a way around to move on. In the story, Jig looked at the hills and said, “They look like white elephants.

” To Jig the case was very rare to encounter such animal. The hills on the other hand represent big obstacles that we must climb, but they are not enormous mountains. This represents the fact that the girl’s baby is a key obstacle in her life, but it is not the end of her life and she will make it through.

The only problem is that the American is trying to convince her to go thru with the operation, thus causing certain conflict between the couple. Even though Jig knows she will be ok if she allows the baby to live, the Americans negativity affects her mood and thoughts on their relationship. Hills are also perspectives to look out from, but also block the view for those who reside in the valley.

This represents how in the story Jig looks at the hills and sees opportunity, yet at the same time the American looks at the hills and sees nothing, his vision of a positive and happy future is congested by the enormous obstacle of the child.

The happiness that the baby will transfer to the couple would make everything feel perfectly fine to Jig. The fact that the American sees this as a negative effect on their lives really hurts Jig. Nevertheless she wants to make things work with him, and she will try to until their journey comes to a stop. Like the wilderness the hills are stunning, natural and completely stationery. In other words, they have always been in the same place, and they will always be that way, that’s just the way it is.

This shows how settling down would be a necessity with a baby. It also shows that being pregnant is no small thing. A baby is a huge responsibility and is not something you take very lightly. Regardless of the girl’s decision, it is not something that the girl will ever be able forget about. A baby is a life form which can’t be brought back to life once it’s gone and neither can you get rid of it, just because you don’t want it. All the traveling is getting to her and she wants to stay still for some time and have a family.

In which she can enjoy spending time with and live a happy life with. In the story there was a part when Jig looks at the scenery and says, “And we could have all this. ” (Pg. 175) Referring to on a deeper level, hills represent a test, new life, and opportunity. While Jig sits down and looks at the hills, seeing a chance and is considering the possibility of new life, a newborn child in her life.

The opportunity of settling down and getting to a new stage in her life where she can feel proud of herself and take care of one of her own.

Nothing is easy in life, and for Jig to accept the responsibility of the operation could be a pricey choice in the long run. Throughout the short story many examples where shown of how the hills resemble the view point of Jig and the American. The American is eagerly trying to convince Jig to pursue the possibility of going through with the surgery. While only thinking about his happiness and not whether Jig feels ok with it.

The American tries to make his words sound mellow and convincing but Jig sees past them and realizes that the right choice is within her.

Regardless of what the American wants, she is the only one who has to endure the real pain of the situation, nevertheless her surroundings let her visualize how they could help her with her decision. Therefore the hills help her realize how many things in life are just obstacles but can be easily overcome with by finding a resolution that will benefit everyone. Works Citied Page Hemingway, Ernest. Hills Like White Elephants.

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