Emotions and Beautiful Music

Emotions are the entire universe within oneself. They are humanity at its essence. So why look at them as any less? I’ve discovered throughout my own personal development that treating each piece of music like a different being, alive, moving at a unique pace, full of vivid emotion, and fully prepared to tell its own story, causes the sound to enter the mind with fluidity. Nurture the emotion like you would a child, and recognize sound in itself as having an infinite spectrum of motion and complexion.

See that the space in which one is able to create is only bound to the creator’s will. Move to create each piece of music as a story that is as perfect and beautiful as can possibly be imagined. Imagine the sound that would make you feel and move the greatest and reach to create that moment and those experiences for the listener. While sound does indeed have an infinite capacity, you should be able to rely on your emotions to drive the art form into something ecstatic. Many times, at least for my own subjective experience, it has been that searching for the action of creation outside and looking for reasons to create ends up causing the mind to pull and struggle against the sound. Instead, try working towards reaching the point where one can flawlessly react with the emotions within oneself.

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It could take time to work up to expressing it externally, but it may be well worth it to express the soul in such vividity. Sometimes, the thought might cross the mind that the flow of creativity has left you and gone away, but even that emotion is one that can be cracked open and felt through sound. The worst thing you can do about something like a writers block is to take it seriously. Take it with a grain of salt as giving the lack of creative ability form within ones mind, telling yourself that you have this or that, and throwing your mind at it relentlessly ends up feeding the delusion more than anything else. Remember to treat art as an emotional entity, and perceive emotion with the wondrous fascination that a child would have.