My Views on Emotions

Emotions comprise of different experiences by the human mind.

The complex psycho-physiological experience of a person’s state of mind interacts with the internal and external factors influences to result in an emotion. The internal factor consists of biochemical reactions while the environment makes up the external factors. Motivation, disposition or personality, temperament and mood are associated with emotions. There are various views related to emotions such as basic, social and cognitive views. Emotion considered from a basic perspective is usually in comparison to complex form of emotion. Research asserts that the modification of the basic emotion in certain instances leads to the realizatio of the complex emotion (TenHouten, 2007).

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According to Jaak Panksepp, cognitive views on emotion claim that emotions are because of cognitive activity. These cognitive activities might include forms of thoughts, judgments and evaluations (Panksepp, 2010). Consequentially, emotions are due to intentions or triggered by something. Conceptual processing is not a must for the cognitive activity as the cognitive activity occurs consciously or unconsciously (Zunshine, 2010). I agree more with the cognitive view on emotions.

This is because, cognitive view on emotions focuses on the causes of emotions as compared to the other views on emotions. An example, the cognitive view addresses the cognitive activities as the main causes or triggers of an emotion. Richard Lazarus view on emotion explains clearly the cognitive activity. The view comprises of three stages which involve the cognitive appraisal, changes in physiological activities which results to an action. A hypothetical example is when a person encounters a wild animal considered dangerous such as a lion. The person will asses the lion, triggering fear in him, then his heart begins to race faster as adrenaline pumps through his blood pressure.

This will result to the person screaming and running away.In conclusion, the cognitive view on emotions is more preferable as it provides a succinct explanation as to the cause of emotions.