CASE study – Emotions are the psychological responses

The employees belong to efferent background and different culture which makes even more difficult for the organization to understand emotions of the employees.

Some organizations even think that emotions are disruptive and they will interfere Ninth the employee’s ability to work. They don’t let their employees to expresses their feelings and emotions. The managers should be given training to understand the emotions and feelings of others. The organization should be in regular contact with the employees so that they could understand the feelings and emotions of the employees.

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Emotions are the psychological responses to a particular incident.

This is ‘ere hard to expect. When you can’t expect a thing how can you manage it? So we can’t blame organization for not managing emotions effectively. References: Text book and my understanding of the subject. Do you think the strategic use and display of emotions serve to protect employees, or does covering your true emotions at work lead to more problems than it solves? A. Covering of your emotions can sometimes ensure a work is done smoothly and perfectly. However covering your emotions will lead to mental stress.

So it is better to display true emotions at work.

What does it mean? You shout at your manager if you are not happy? NO. You should be expressing your emotions depending upon several factors. Some of those are what are your emotions? Waiting for the right time and right place. Would like to state an example where displaying emotions in a strategic way can help you .

My brother works as solution engineer at VICE. Recently during the Christmas time he had a week off after three months of heavy schedule and was planning for a vacation. But suddenly his manager has called him and assigned some Nor to him and told him to complete in a week.

He was very disappointed but he has agreed to do the work and even completed the work. He had to work even during the holidays.

After two weeks he went to the manager and spoke to him that he is overloaded and needs a break. The manager saw his record and granted him 2 Knees of all paid trip to CALIFORNIA. So I feel that employees should display their emotions in a right way and at the right time will definitely help them. 3 Have you ever worked where emotions were used as part tot a management style? Describe the advantages and disadvantages of this approach in your experience.


I have never worked in an organization where emotions are used as part of a management style. Hence I will consider that I work in an organization that uses emotions as part of a management style. For this I will consider my classroom as an organization to explain my understanding. Here, I will consider me and my classmates as employees and my professor as the manager. Considering myself in this environment and noting that this organization(classroom) uses emotions as a part of the management style, I can sense the following advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: .

When my manager is in a good mood he can help me with my work. I’. I can discuss any problems that I have with my manager freely and get his suggestion iii. When everyone is in a good mood, work progresses more effectively. Iv.

Everyone would be comfortable in discussing their problems with each other. Disadvantages: l. When the boss is in a bad mood the employees would have to handle all the consequences. I’. The work pressure would seem to be higher than it is with the boss scolding the employees.

Iii. Because of that, the work progress of the employees will come low. ‘v.

As discussed in class, the Job satisfaction will be reduced. V. As a result the employees will sometimes want to quit the Job.

4 Research shows that acts of co-workers (37 percent) and management (22 percent) cause more negative emotions for employees than do acts of customers (7 percent). Neat can Laurel’s company do to change its emotional climate? A From the research it IS clear that act of co-workers cause more negative emotions for employees followed by management and lastly act of customers. To change the emotional climate the organization should hold some kind of activities to strengthen the relationships.

They should introduce a reward system for good behavior, excellent and etc. Also, the manager should be taught to control his emotions and make him understand that by showing his anger in the employees he is actually causing loss to the company, as the employees are feeling manipulated and do not want to continue in that office.

I have studied in chapter 1 that it is the manager’s responsibility to motivate the employees and make sure that they are working efficiently to contribute to the progress of the organization.

Also they should Improve communication between staff and managers. Ay this they can be friends and work together in a better way. The organization should get involved with the employees seek to understand and try to solve their problems. They should avoid displaying negative emotions like scolding, shouting as far as possible so that they could be a positive environment.

Last but the most important thing is trying a bit of humor here and there whenever it is possible. With these there will be a positive environment in which the employees are inspired/