Emotiv Case Study

Firstly, the product, EPOCH itself is a innovative invention in gaming industry and it’s USPS (unique selling point) is that “it’s the only game accessory which was capable of receiving mind commands”. From the article we read, Emotive might produce the product by Itself. In my opinion, Emotive should do so because It can not only protect their Identical technology and skill of producing EPOCH, but also save the commission or royalties paid to MEMO. Also, EPOCH could be sold by a packaged, bundled with a EPOCH game, such as the easy game Emotive considered to add to It’s

EPOCH package to let the consumer be familiar with EPOCH gaming experience, or an elaborate game designed by professional third-party game developer.

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This can benefit both Emotive and game developer because consumer wont be hesitated when they faced so many games but don’t know which is best choice for experience Emotive. The first impression is very important, so Emotive must choose the best game to show what EPOCH can do in gaming experience. Secondly, Emotive should set a price that can be accepted by consumer but not too low to loss it’s profitability. 199 is a good hospice for EPOCH because Its’ not too low to loss it’s USPS and not as high as a console itself. If the retail price Is too low, EPOCH might be seen as another regular gaming accessory. If the price Is too high, such as $299, It will be difficult for consumer to accept the price because It’s way too high, and even higher than a console, such as WI, cost $249 for consumer.

Thirdly, as mentioned In the article, electronic product retail center such as Best Buy and Fry’s are good place for EPOCH to sell because those places can demonstrate to consumer how to use EPOCH and test by consumer.

In the meanwhile, if consumer were satisfied with EPOCH, they can purchase other peripheral products such as games, or even consoles. Last but not the least, viral marketing will be very useful for EPOCH. Emotive can provide free EPOCH to some professional or famous game-player and ask them to share their satisfied gaming experience with EPOCH on famous online game discussion platform or shot a video when they are using EPOCH. These players should be famous enough to be an “opinion leader” in game Industry so their follower or other consumer would treat their opinion toward EPOCH seriously.

This Is what cosmetic manufacture did when they were marketing their new product through famous floggers. Profitability c wall gal. more pronto IT It Is console-needle only, when compared Walt enabled only. The retail sales console game is almost five times more than PC game as we can see from Exhibit 8 in this case. The retail sales of console software game is 6.

6 billions of dollars, but PC is only 0. 9 billions of dollars in 2007. Moreover, from this exhibit, we can see that the number of PC software game retail sale is decreasing year by year, from 1 billions of dollars to 0. Lions of dollars in 4 years. Most of consumer purchases a console for playing game, but the percentage of consumer purchasing the PC for gaming is not as high as console one. Therefore, we can assume that the number of consumer who have console to buy games is higher than the PC.

If console games’ marketing is much bigger than PC, it’s obvious that console- enabled would be a more profitable choice than PC. Even though some people think the PC games was a higher margin business because game developers don’t need to pay royalty to console makers, but it’s not work for Emotive.

Emotive still need to pay the loyalty to game developer instead of console maker, if EPOCH is PC-enabled only. The royalty paid to PC game developer when EPOCH is PC-enabled only is lower, which is 2%, than when it’s console-enabled only, which is 3-5%. Therefore, PC-enabled only will have less royalty but one of fifth the market size, and it’s not as profitable as console-enabled only. Demand Console enabled EPOCH should allow multiple players and record their brain wave in system so each player can play at same time or separately.

A lot of console game is playing by more than one player such as family members.

The EPOCH must be able to e worn by different player and work successfully so the player won’t encounter any difficulty during their game time. Also, the processor of EPOCH should be capable for player has good game experience no matter it’s PC-enabled only or console-enabled only. Every game player values the good graphic and fluent gaming process, especially PC game player. Because PC game player tend to have higher willingness in investing money to improve their game quality, EPOCH should be capable to fit and work perfectly in different level of process and give good game experience to it’s play, no matter they use better processor or not.