Case Study on Basketball

Basketball Case Study:

Basketball is a team game which is played with a ball which is thrown into the basket which is fixed on the 3 meters height above the playground.

The game is played by the two teams which consist of 5 members each.The sense of the game is to win as much points as possible throwing the ball into the basket and the team which throws more times into the opponent’s basket wins. The game lasts 40 minutes. The general times is divided into four periods which last 10 minutes each with little brakes to let the players relax. The first international world championship tournament among men occurred in 1950, among women in 1953.

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Nowadays, such tournaments are carried out every four years. The most famous and important competitions are the Olympic Games and the FIBA Basketball World Cup. The history of the game is quite interesting and dates back to the end of the 19th century, when the US physical education instructor Dr. James Naismith invented quite an interesting way of keeping fit.Because of the rainy weather he had to conduct the classes indoors and invented basketball.

The first set of rules counted no more than 13 points but then the game became very popular and its rules were developed seriously. Till the 1930s the rules were designed profoundly and the latest changed were introduced in 1998 and 2004. Basketball is known to be one of the most famous and popular games in the USA and it has concurred the whole world. The game influences the human organism positively, especially influences the human height, so it a good decision to involve the child into the game as early as possible.Basketball is a world famous game which has its international competitions and millions of the devoted fans. In addition, basketball is the part of the mass culture, so it is interesting for the student to learn about the game more and dwell on its rules, competitions, the history of its creation and its prominent teams and players.

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