Basketball History

BasketballHistory There are30 teams in the NBA and the NBA was founded around 70 years ago, Basketballwas created by Dr.James Naismith.

The first basketball court was made with just a basket and a ball put on the wall. They also had to sit on a ladder to grab the ball out of the basket. The first ever basketball was made of different leathers stitched together there was also a cloth lining added to help with the sameness and for the ball to be easier to shoot. Basketballs first rule was the foul they used. NUMBER OF TEAMS There are 30 teams in the NBA and the NBA has been around for more than 70 years.

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The first ever teams in the NBA was the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia Warriors etc. The team that was really first made was the SpringField YMCA team that Dr. James Naismith coached. His team lasted for overfive years. The 30 teams have changed over a certain period of time or even the teams don’t exist anymore like the Seattle SuperSonics.

There are lots and lots of more teams that used to exist but don’t now. Those teams that existed long time ago was really good. CREATION OF BASKETBALL The inventor of the basketball was Dr. James Naismith (The History of Basketball). He wanted to do basketball or more like invent basketball because he wanted to do conditioning withyoung students so they could be healthier and in shape. He also created the basketball with leather strings.

The ballalso had finger spots like today’s football.They used just a ladder to get the ballout of the basket so that’s why they called it basketball. Basketball was the most known sports. They also used it for football players so they can stay fit it just wasn’t for basketball purposes. Basketball is usually played between two teams in a indoor place.

(basketball | sport ) THE RULE The first rule in basketball history was the foul. When the foul was used when you reached your second foul you would be disqualified until someone would score the next shot. The foul is called when you push or shove someone. They also call it when u make illegal contact with the anyone on the other team. The foul limit is 6 in the NBA andAmatuer Athletic Union (AAU) the limit is 5 until you’re out the game for the whole time.

Another foul is called the flagrant. The flagrant is when you you push someone from the straight to the ground. Also the one who calls the foul is someone called the referee. CONCLUSION After all basketball’s history is so big and been going for over 50 years. There 13 rules in basketball but creator of basketball and made it become a history for some people.

Basketball also made people accomplished. Dr. james Naismith was a great creator of basketball and made it become a history for some people. Basketball also made people feel like they accomplished their goal. WORK CITED (The History of Basketball) The History of Basketball. N.

p., 2012. Film.