Who by far are the top 3 best NBA players in history?

By far, the top 3 best NBA players are Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. These players are now retired. Though they no longer play in the NBA, they are still being recognized today as the 3 best NBA players due to the amount of shots they scored throughout all of their games. Their talent stood out along with their competiveness. Each player also has different background history which led them to become what they once were though they are still known by many people and fans.

Way before Michael Jordan even started playing basketball on an actual court; he would use a metal trash can as a hoop. At first he wouldn’t make it in, but he kept on trying and never gave up. Every day he would go outside and keep on practicing. After all his practice and concentration, Michael wouldn’t miss a shot. Michael Jordan’s basketball history all began in the NCAA finals during his college freshman year.

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A broken bone in his left foot put the Michael Jordan basketball history on detour to greatness. Michael took responsibility for his actions both inside and outside the court. He also put commitment and dedication in his basketball life. As a teen, Michael tried out for many of his high school basketball teams, he also spent most of his time practicing. As said on the website espn.

go.com, “It is proven that Michael Jordan had made way to many shots throughout his career that cannot be averaged.” This is part of the reason why he is the BEST player of all time. As said on the website nytimes.com, “Magic Johnson is one of the most popular and accomplished players in basketball history.”Johnson was infected by the virus that causes AIDS which led him to immediately retire from the Los Angeles Lakers.

He was a gifted athlete whose abilities and magnetic personality brought worldwide popularity and success to his team and the National Basketball Association as well. He is by far the most famous sports figure to be infected by the AIDS virus. And because his fame spread through all levels of society from schoolyard courts to giant sports arenas, the impact of his announcement is likely to be felt by millions of people whose life’s have not been touched by the disease. His story has in fact inspired many young people as well as the message he sent which said, “I want young people to understand that safe sex is the way to go.” When Kareem Abdul-Jabbar left the game in 1989 at the age of 42, it was said on the website nba.com, “No player had ever scored more points, blocked more shots, nor won the Most Valuable Player Awards.

” Despite his incredible success on the court, it wasn’t until the twilight of his career that Kareem finally won the Universal Affecting of Basketball fans. He was a private man who avoided the press and at times seemed aloof. But late in his playing days Kareem began to open up, and as his career wound to a close, fans, players and coaches alike expressed their admiration for what he had accomplished in basketball. It is well said that he was a hard working successful player. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have all proven to be highly successful throughout their basketball history which is why they are now the top 3 best NBA players.

Will there be such outstanding accomplishment in any other basketball players? Who knows? There are many people who have talent in being a basketball player, but being able to make the 3 best on the list is definitely a challenge. This is why many people admire these three champions.