Nikkei, Inc. History

The brand Nikkei was finally about to take off.

The sass was the most important decade in the history of Nikkei. It was during this period Nikkei perfected their advertising and marketing techniques and the brand came a household name.

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The company continued to Innovate new technology into shoes, providing athletes with top of the line comfort and performance. The decade was not completely successful however. Nikkei had struggled early on because the company failed to predict how the aerobics Industry would boom. (“Nikkei, Inc.

History,” ) As part of the new marketing strategies, Nikkei sought out professional attendees to promote ten products Bob Jackson was ten TLS major professional endorsement, and later in the decade Nikkei found a professional basketball player named Michael Jordan.

Nikkei came up with many creative and entertaining marketing schemes using these two professional athletes and sales boomed. The sass were an important decade for Nikkei also. It was during this time frame that the public began to have some disdain for Nikkei. The extremely popular shoe, Air Jordan was at the forefront of controversy.

The shoe was very popular among inner city youths as a direct result as basketball being very popular in inner cities. Every kid wanted to have a pair of Air Jordan. This resulted in a stream of robberies and moieties even murders over the shoes in inner cities.

The public became outraged because Nikkei did not seem to care that children were being murdered over the shoes and several activist groups protested. Nikkei in turn decided to donate money to inner city youth sports programs and programs that were against violence in order to combat the negative attention. The other main issue in the sass was the production of Nikkei products.

Nikkei outsourced most of its production. Labor in Asia was much cheaper and Nikkei was able to get away with producing products at very low costs.

This controversy was never really resolved, Nikkei Just used marketing strategies to distract the public until they forgot. After regaining its position on top of the industry in the sass, Nikkei was determined never to lose that spot. During the sass the company created special teams to focus on markets where the company was struggling. Women in particular were a primary focus of Nikkei.

Becoming the sportswear producer to focus on women as athletes not as sex symbols gave Nikkei a competitive advantage. Nikkei came up with advertisements that promoted women to exercise to feel good not Just to look DOD.

Nikkei also sought contracts with different professional sports leagues that gave them full licensing of producing officially licensed products. The company also continued to seek the top professional athletes to promote and endorse products. Today, Nikkei has recognized the cross training and home exercise boom and has created products to enter a new health market.

The reason why Nikkei has remained on top of the sportswear market is a direct result of staying ahead with new technology and also continually using creative marketing techniques.