Michael jordan

Do you know who one of the greatest NBA basketball players of the world was in the early 1990s? Michael Jeffrey Jordan also known as “M.J.

” was born on February 17,1963, which is also my birthday month! Michael Jordan’s early life of playing basketball led him to many championships. And being a champion lead him to make many famous products. Michael Jordan grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina. Michael Jordan played basketball from when he was a kid all the way till he retired from the NBA. Michael Jordan practiced basketball for 8 hours a day everyday.

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M.J. has many skills and talents from basketball, baseball, racing a motorcycle and racing them. And he also was in some movies and kids books. Michael Jordan is an all time legend and a successful businessman.

Michael Jordan was always a champion when it came to basketball. He lead his team the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships. Michael Jordan was the best basketball player ever. He was a five time NBA most valuable player with a six time NBA finals MVP..

Michael Jordan is also known for his shoe products and clothing products. One of Jordan’s famous shoes are the Jordan Retro 5s. And all other retros Jordan shoes. Jordan is also known for some of his clothes, and backpacks.MJ played for the Chicago Bulls wearing the number 23 way before my time.

I have heard a lot about him through my family, friends, and even on ESPN sports network.