Michael Jackson

The Jackson 5 was where Michael Joseph Jackson had started his career of singing.

Michael was born on August 29, 1958 to a working class family. He had four older brothers; Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon. There dad had taken time from his guitar playing to mold these five together as a musical group in the early 1960’s. When they had started this Michael was only five, but was also the lead vocalist. Michael had shown amazing depth and range for his age. Their father Joseph Jackson had wanted these boys to succeed so he pushed them to work very hard, day and night.

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Joseph had even gotten violent with the boys. As the Jackson 5 kept practicing they kept growing to be more heard. Also as Michael kept growing he had started to sing and record songs without his brothers. Jackson goes solo, and in 1971-72 his singles “Got To Be There”, “Rockin’ Robin”, and “I Wanna Be Where You Are” rage the charts. His first album as a solo artist was called Off The Wall and came out in 1979. He kept on getting better and better.

Michael even had a signature dance move, the moonwalk. He did this signature move in the extended version of one of his greatest songs called “Thriller” video. Thriller, to the day has sold 65 million copies. In 1990 it went and got platinum for the 21st time and the Guinness Book of World Records certifies it as the best-selling album ever. Michael Jackson has had very addicting songs.

Meaning that people just can listen to them anytime of the day and bust out singing because it is a joy to listen to. In 1997 Michael was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Four of his songs had gone into the Rolling Stones Magazine for the list of 100 greatest songs of all time. Michael has had a lot of good and bad things happen in his life. For example he has won a lot of many awards andhas showed the world what talent he had. some bad things in his life were that he went through a divorce and had also been accused of a lot of bad things especially things to do with children.

Overall Michael was was a pop star and worked so he would earn the name King of Pop. As he also did get named the King of Pop in 2008. Also before that in 2006 he accepted eight records from the Guinness World records including “Most Successful Entertainer of All Time”. Then sadly June 25, 2009 Michael Joseph Jackson died in Los Angeles at the age 50 after going into cardiac arrest. From five to 50 Michael has made so much history and has influenced many people through his talent in songwriting, dancing, and singing.