Case Study by Michael Mucus’s

How would you describe m’s efficiency and creative conundrum in terms of programmed and nonprogrammer decisions.? En Richard McKnight was the president of MM in the earlier years, he recognized that inventions take time thus the implemented the 1 5 Percent Rule in the organization on . One has to try again and again to get to their ‘Eureka! ‘.

Art Fry, the inventor of m’s Posit Notes purports this notion as referenced by Michael Mucus’s Case Study article, ” you h eave to go through 5,000 to 6,000 raw ideas to find one successful business”.

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Six Sigma , a management program that was later enacted by James McKinney who took over as C counters creativity and innovation. The management program is effective in increasing efficiency and identifying problems in the workforce, subsequently it stifles creativity in the company. Hose two notions ; 15 Percent Rule and Six Sigma can be described in terms of aerogramme and nonprogrammer decisions. A programmed decision is one that is f structured and recurs with some type of frequency. Nonprogrammer decisions on the other hand are relatively unstructured and are usually complex, thus requiring creative sol Joints. They require investing enormous blocks of time,energy, Judgment and resources into exploring the situation from all perspectives.

Intuition and experience play a major role in creativity as seen in m’s 15 Percent Rule.

According to the article, “MM believes in the power of ideas and individual initial dive ; and recognizes that entrepreneurial behavior will continue to flourish only if management t is willing to accept, even accept Heliocentric failure’. This non programmed decision making culture makes MM the powerful corporate beast that it is . Effective decision making I very ‘ITIL to the success of a company as well, which is something James McKinney under stood En he implemented Six Sigma. With this policy , there was no tolerance for failure