Argumentative Essay on the life of michael jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson nicknamed The Gloved One.

Born August 2, 1978 in Gary Indiana died on June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles California (biography for Michael Jackson). Jackson was the seventh child of the Jackson family. Jackson started his career at the age of eleven. It was a family group, the group was called the Jackson 5. When he was growing up later he became the most successful solo performer of all time.

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Jackson first album made music history by being the first ever to contain four top ten hits. His tops hits like Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, and History. Later on Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley, later on in less than 2 years they got divorced. They got divorced because there were rumors that their marriage was a sham and it had not been consummated. Jackson helped a lot of charities.

People always said “He gave more than he made” and “Gave More Money Away than Spent” (contributions). Jackson wanted to heal the world from all bad. He gave to charities such as American Cancer Society, Angel Food, Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles… etc (contributions). The most known number of charities he gave money to was 52. Jackson started his career at age 11. That shows people that they can achieve anything they propose.

If Jackson made it up to being one of the grates, The King of Pop. Why can’t other people also achieve their goals? Jackson made millions he made up to 100 million dollars a year (Biography of Michael Jackson). He gave 52 million to charity a year. He use to make peoples dreams comes true. When a 14 year old kid was burned in a horrible fire his dream was to meet Jackson, Jackson went to see him and the kid died 4 weeks later (contributions). “The Change you want to make starts with you” That shows that Jackson really cared for kids and other people.

He cared for the world and tried to make it a better place. Jackson card for kids like if they where his own he loved kids. “He just wanted peace and love”. Jackson use to take homeless kids to his ranch Nederland for them to get away forms their problems. “Everyone needs a time out”.

He used to care for kids a lot and use to help them out to achieve their goals and give them an education to become someone in life. He made Nederland for kids to distract themselves from problems. Also for other people to have jobs. Nederland had near 523 employees (Michael Jackson). Jackson loved kids and always dedicated his time to them. Despite Jacksons popularity and good work became part of a big scandal.

“Guilty until proven innocent”. In 1993 a thirteen year old boy accused Jackson of sexuality abusing him. Jackson took this case to court which later was found innocent (biography). He never did anything all he did was dedicate his time to help other kids out. “Kids are our future” Jackson father of 3 kids. After Jackson and Presley divorced in 1996 Jackson announced that he was going to be a father.

The mother wasn’t going to be Presley the mother was going to be Debbie Rowe. Debbie Rowe was a long friend of Jackson. After they married so the kid could be born in a marriage. The first kid was born it was a boy his name was Prince Michael Jackson Jr. later on they had a girl; the girl name was Paris Michael Katharine. Later they divorced (history).

“My kids are the most amazing thing that ever happened to me” those are Jackson’s words. He loved his kids and always gave them everything they wanted. His main priority was his kids. He was a great dad. In conclusion Jackson was a great person. “A great person never dies” he died in 2009 from a overdose.

He will never die in our heart. He will always be in all of our lives. He left a mark in this world that will never be lost with his great amazing heart. He will always be loved. He left a mark in every ones heart. Works cited “Biography for Michael Jackson”.

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