Whole Foods Case Study

Case Study on Whole Foods:

Whole Foods Market is the American corporation which owns a chain of the supermarkets and healthy food stores. Whole Foods was founded in 1980 by John Mackey and very soon the corporation developed to the enormous heights and has become profitable and one of the most influential ones on the American market.

The stores of Whole Foods can be found not only on the territory of the USA but also in Great Britain. The corporation is famous for its healthy food products, which are transported from the ecologically safe regions and produced without the use of the harmful substances, like pesticides, preservatives, sweeteners, etc., though there have been numerous claims that the quality of the products is not so high as it is said to be. The products for Whole Foods are provided from the local areas, from the whole territory of the US and from the international providers. Whole Foods’ products are supposed to be of high quality, though it generally depends on the local and international providers.Whole Foods is closely connected with numerous international organizations which protect natural environment from the harmful impact of the anthropogenic activity.

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So, the corporation does not sell genetically modified products and unhealthy food which contains carcinogens. Furthermore, it is the first chain of supermarkets which suggested recycling the used grocery bags and protecting the environment in this way. Whole Foods dies not only protects the natural environment but also maintains the development of the third world countries devoting more than 1% of its income to the international organizations which donate into the development of the third world’s economics.Whole Foods is one of the few corporations which care about the surrounding world, so it is interesting to learn about the way of its success and the peculiarities of its activity. A good case study on Whole Foods should demonstrate the work of the corporation briefly and concentrate on the direct problem which has occurred there.

The student should collect facts and evidence about the problem, investigate the cause and the consequences of the problem and analyze the case scrupulously providing the effective and objecting solutions and conclusions.If the student has troubles with case study writing, he can take advantage of the help of the Internet and read a free Whole Foods Market case study example prepared by the professional writer. It is sensible to look through a well-organized free Whole Foods Market in 2008 case study sample composed online and improve knowledge about the topic itself and about the required manner of case study writing. The student can learn to format the paper professionally and make the right structure for the paper which meets the expectations of the strictest professor.