Сampaign to Save the Environment

Is it true that we have to take care this environment to save this world? Some of us will think that this statement is not true, but some of us maybe think that this statement is true. Before I explain more about this topic I would like to give the definition about the environment. Environment is the surrounding of the place where we live. Can you imagine if our surrounding full of rubbish, dirty tins, plastic bottles and so on? Can we live in this such area. So, that is one of the reasons why we have to take care our nature. To have a good surrounding, we have to do this.

There’s a lot of ways to save the environment. One of them is, we can recycle all the recycle materials such as papers and bottles. We can use the concepts of 3 Rs. Instead of recycle the materials, we can also use all the materials that can be used again . For example, use bottles as a pot for plant. Besides, we can reuse the car wheel as a pot too or maybeas a decoration at the house compound.

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Next, we can also do campaign to save the environment. Campaign is one of the effective way to give awareness to people out there. This is because, during this campaign they will get the explanation for the coordinator that conduct the campaign about how and why we have to save the environment.Maybe if they know about this, they can try to do not pollute the environment.In the nut shell, there’s a lot of ways to save the environment but if we do not have the awareness to take care our beautiful nature, we will never get the opportunity to live in a good and beautiful environment in the future. So, I urge you out there to together save our beloved nature.

We love our nature.