The Environment

Has someone ever told you your only one person and can’t make a difference? Well guess what? They’re WRONG. You CAN make a difference, so start today. You can do the smallest of things, like recycling, and still make a difference in your life. Let’s talk about the topic of littering. Why not find a garbage can? Everywhere I go I see soda cans, candy wrappers, and other random things just lying around. Did you know that if an officer sees you litter you would have to pay a hundred or more dollars? Well it’s true.

Things you can do to help stop litter are clean up litter on the side of the road, Use reusable water bottles and not plastic bottles, and Encourage others to save energy and recycle by telling them what they are wasting. There are three hundred and sixty-eight marine animals on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s red list, a list of animals that are either endangered or at risk to becoming endangered, because people are dumping oil and garbage into the ocean and are polluting it as well as the air. You can help by change your career by becoming someone who helps animals, like a vet, share your enthusiasm for wildlife and Nature by going on hikes and adopting wildlife, make a birdhouse for neighborhood birds AND PLANT A TREE. People say that the world is going to end because of, well global warming. But are they right? Yeah the climate is changing and the globe is warming but you can’t count on movies for what is gonna happen if “the world ends”.

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In could end today or in a million years from now but its kinda our fault because we are the ones wasting earth’s natural resources. If we all work together and start becoming eco- friendly we can make a HUGE difference. So yeah you are one person and yes you can make a difference. You can recycle paper, plastic, and glass, you can reuse water bottles and you can renew the planet by planting eco-friendly plants, trees, and by making a birdhouse for neighborhood birds.