Environmental analysis

Demographics Population and Demand Currently in Dublin there is an estimated population of about 527,612. There are currently seventy-nine taxi ranks in Dublin which are on call 24 hours a day. In general 89% of the Dublin population will use taxi ‘s, be it going to work, college, home from a night out on the town etc.

So taxi services are in constant high demand. Where our business Idea would have a unique stand-out selling point for potential customers is the fact that not only are they getting their usual taxi ride from A to B, UT also their own method of transport (car, Van, mint-bus, motorbike etc. Will be brought back home for them, or wherever they may be traveling. Age Distribution A wide variety of age groups can use our service, although in particular the service would be aimed at men and woman between the ages of 17 to 29. Statistics show that between these ages people are more likely to take a risk drinking and driving on the roads. Our business service could eliminate many of the accidents and deaths on the roads as people would have another option of returning home after a night out ND have their own vehicle alongside them.

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Geographic The service could also be expanded to the other counties in Ireland, as with an estimated population of 4. 595 million there is sure to be plenty of money to be made as no matter what backgrounds people are from, the majority of people will use Taxi ‘s at least twice a month. Other Factors and implications Other factors that would entice customers to use our business 1 . Patients – If people are suddenly injured or have to be taking into hospital by ambulance, or it could simply be someone getting their wisdom teeth out and cannot drive home after.

Our service will make sure both the patient and their car will arrive home safely without having to rely on a friend or family member. 2.

We could also work hand in hand with nightclubs and festivals so that we could promote our business and let people know that their transport will be fully taken care of so that they can enjoy their night or weekend or whatever it may be, without having to worry about how many drinks they have had or if they will simply be too tired to drive home. References – www. Businesspeople. Org, www. Dublin. Info, www.

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