Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship entails the protection of biodiversity through sustainable development. Thus, environmental justice seeks to safeguard the natural resources because when the environment deteriorates, human health is at risk. It is necessary to protect the environment from deteriorating so that nature’s environmental services protect the health of the current and future generations. Environmental justice promotes environmental stewardship and symbolizes the developments with integrated efforts to protect biodiversity. Environmental justice entails a holistic approach in considering short-term and long-term environmental consequences of all activities in the biomedical fraternity.

Thus, it is very crucial to incorporate environmental stewardship that engages in the planning and development of programs, as well as, policies that have a greater impact in the protection of biodiversity. Environmental justice also entails sustainable development practices that focus on a careful management of natural resources with an aim of preserving and conserving biodiversity. Environmental justice is promoted by incorporating new and pervasive networking tools by ensuring a greater interaction between the stakeholders like the industrial sector, academic institutions, government agencies, as well as, the global community. A sufficient communication system is necessary in order to accumulate resources from the stakeholders towards protecting the environment. This will require optimal methods, and technological approaches to reduce the environmental impacts, and can easily be channeled throughput the biomedical fraternity.

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Medical researchers should be equipped with sufficient knowledge on environmental matters to provide efficient services in liaison with the community members. This will enable the public to understand the complex environmental issues that confront them. To conclude, it is necessary to have regulations that promote sustainability through environmental justice that will require an efficient utilization of natural resources to achieve maximum benefits and effective environmental protection. Environmental justice involves the construction of regulatory mechanisms that requires the participation of all stakeholders who must be aware of the benefits of biodiversity conservation as a guarantee for sustainability. Environmental justice facilitates direct conservation measures and possible options that may alter the perceptions of man. It promotes an informed participation and decision making among stakeholders to increase the much-needed corporation to achieve sustainability.