We as humans use the term equality loosely.

We only want equality on certain things and concepts, but why not have equality everywhere? The word equality itself means “the state or quality of being equal”. Equality was brought up many years ago with the issue of slaves and women. Everyone wanted to be equal and no one wanted to feel inferior anymore. Although it may seem as if we do not have equality issues in modern society, we do. The importance of equality is to show that everyone has the right to fulfil their potential. Initially, every country does not have equal rights.

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It is important for each country to be able to have their own equal rights. Although America has ceased its segregation many years ago, other countries around the world have not. It is important for them to be able to have their equal rights so that they will have a more fair society and they will not be looked at as different from the rest of the world. Equality also captures the concept of non- conformity. Setting these unequal countries free out of their inferior ways would show how we are not conforming to the laws that say no man is equal. Men and women were made to complement each other and help one another, not to be thrown and kicked around because they look different.

We as regular citizens should start helping the countries that suffer from the concept of inequality by simply becoming aware and realizing that this is an alarming issue. Additionally, it is important to start supporting this issue because, it’s not just gender equality that needs to be changed, there’s also race equality and marriage equality. A way we can get involved with helping end the equality issues is to join an organization. One credible organization one can join is the Equality Federation. The Equality Federation’s goal is to stop inequality for a better community and society everywhere. In conclusion, we as people need to come together to stop inequality in other countries.

They deserve the right to be just as free as America and we can help become just like us. We can start by joining organizations or even creating our own. We need to get the word out and spread it so that we can help create a better society all around the world.