Fighting for Equality

Think about this: a young smart an ambitious teenager but they were not mainly born in the U.S. and he or she can’t go to college why? They entered the U.S.

illegally. I believe that this is a problem because in the constitution it says that every one should get equal rights, well this is not very fair for illegal immigrants.Some of my reasons why they should get equal rights is that it’s just like Rosa parks sitting on the white people side why did she do it? To make america a better place to make everyone’s rights equal. Some supporters say that they should be legal. But not all illegal immigrants have to be Latins and some might even save your life. Now many illegal Immigrants are getting deported why you say because of being illegal imagine getting taken away from your family and friends and all you have, gone.

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Supporters of people that want equal rights for only Americans argue that not everyone should get equal rights because they are not Americans, they are not smart enough, but they are wrong one of the smartest guys ever born was an immigrant from Europe and who is he? He was Albert Einstein he was visiting but stayed because of Hitler ruling Germany. Most people now in days are judgmental for example a person with tattoos is walking down the street people judge about him but maybe that guy might be the one that saves your live some day. Yeah you might say that immigrants are Latin or they only come from poor countries But immigrants doesn’t necessarily have to be Latin. According to Nation the most immigrants come from Mexico but the second most immigrated country to the U.

S. is India with 59,300 per year. The third country that immigrates the most to the U.S. is China with 50,900.

In the website (if you go to it) it also tells you that 7 out of 10 countries are not Latin countries they are Chinese, Indian, and Canadian and so on. So illegal immigrants don’t have to be Latins. According to the UN Deceleration of rights (

shtmlit) says that every one no matter were they go they have to get equal rights (unless they are aliens) but none of us are really aliens.People say that you cant trust them but that is really wrong if you ever see some one in REAL life they have many friends no matter what there believes are they are friends. another opinion that bothers me is that homosexual people are not getting equal rights to so according to homosexual people are getting bullied around in school or other places because of the way they think. People really should not judge others by their looks and their believes are just not really necessarily to make fun of them of what they do.

Society has changed since the start of time because of differences. Once i saw a video about of a dog getting run over by a car in the highway and another dog came also vetinarians came the dog that got ran over survived, in the same video a kid got ran over by a mini van people passed saw the kid a did nothing because of his looks then finally a girl came and moved the child aside but did not take him to the hospital. Another thing is would you really be harsh enough to separate families away from the children and friends?