Erac Case Study

ERAS defined its service differently than that of the typical national car rental company? ERAS defined its service differently than that of the typical national car rental company by: * Focusing on a different segment of the car rental market. This is done by moving their focus away from short term, onsite rental for travelers and focuses more on hometown market. This means that ERAS will loan their vehicles to their customers for an extended period of time, not Just for them to travel around when they visit the area.

Buying cars from a wide variety of American, Japanese and European market to reduce cost. Also keeping these cars for six months longer than other car rental companies * Connecting its 4000 offices via an exclusive 1800 number which allows their customer to locate the nearest offices by dialing one number * Delivering to customers for convenience * Offering a rate that is 30% lower than competitors * Offering a range of different vehicle catering to customer’s preferences * Having a dedicated local Enterprise Account Service representative that manages every aspect of client’s fleet 2.

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What features of Its business concept allow ERAS to compete effectively with the existing national rental car companies? The feature of Era’s business concept that ensures effective competitive edge with national rental car companies Includes: * Doing whatever they can to create convenience for their customers. Like being accessible at any time. Picking up and dropping off customers at their home or deliver the cars to their customers * Offer competitive rate of hire for the vehicles even though the service comes with so many conveniences