Essay on the case study – the effective manager

In addition to that she was always late for work because of the traffic existing at this period of the day.

If she reduces the responsibilities towards her family e. G. Make her children and husband prepare their breakfast themselves and use the public transport to get to school and work, she would be able to get to her workplace on time and could also have more time to sleep and recover from her previous dynamic day. Furthermore she would have had more available time to prepare for the important meeting with her subordinates in relation to the current project that she was in charge of.

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Her phrase ‘I’ll just have to wing it’ just proves how ineffective she is as a manager. Other issues that occurred with the project are the lack of money invested into it and that she had too few participants and no control group to manage the project in an appropriate manner.

Moreover Christine was not provided with the essential figures from her personal assistant and she has been doing tasks not relating to her Job role Instead of others. During the staff meeting another problem occurred when she was disrupted by the Junior staff next door as they were being too noisy.

Therefore the working environment that she was operating within was not pleasant for her to work to the maximum potential as a manager. In addition according to this case study she once again proved to be inefficient manager as her boss was adamant when Christine told him about the problems existing in relation to the meeting about the project she was set to manage. This suggests that this was not occasional and there were other similar cases when she was not able to accomplish her duties In the best possible manner and had to contact her chief for help.

An effective manager would contact his boss to inform him bout his achievements or how he managed to resolve any issues that were existing rather than asking for help.

As she fails to achieve this goal she makes her chief feel unconfined about her performance within the organization as well as making her subordinates insufficient on the workplace as they are not well managed and controlled by her. The phrase This Is a big political football, and we are counting on you to carry it’ stated by her boss suggests that she is given a last chance/opportunity to prove that she is able to uphold her position within the business.

Therefore if she ails to carry out this project responsibly, manage it properly and achieve positive results she might end up being discharged. In my opinion the case study lists most of her every day activities and it is not Just an occasional day. This Is supported by the quote centerlines was usually a little late’ Tort work, wince suggests Tanat every morning of her day, was regularly repeating. The thesis that this was her typical day is supported by the manner in which she has reacted to the problems that occurred into her workplace.

Whenever Christine had a problem she has postponed it to be solved later. An examples is presented when the Junior staff were disturbing her important meeting and ‘she resolved to have a word with them later’ and also when her personal adviser failed to complete her duties for third time this month so Christine decided to resolve this issue but the problem was she didn’t know when she would find the time’. In addition to all she seems to be performing inefficiently not Just on the workplace but also in her personal life outside of work.

In the case study it is mentioned that ‘her car needed a 10,000 mile service’ and that her 16 years old son needed to see the dentist’ but instead of accomplishing these necessities or at least plan out to do so in the near future she leaves it and takes two aspirins to neutralist her headache. In order to be more organized she could make her own plan so that she does not forget important tasks – ‘she has forgotten to collect the new figures for the report’. When she remembered this it was already a night-time so she had to get to sleep and she took a sleeping pill after 3 hours worrying about the issue.

This only illustrates that she only discusses the problems and worries about hem without taking any actions. Also if she is better connected with her subordinates she can contact them any time or leave them a message to send her these essential figures for the report. If she manages to resolve problems as they come outside work this would consequently result in better organization on the workplace. However she seems to find no time to speak with her family then immediately they both went their separate ways’. Therefore if something arises she is likely to be informed at late stage so she would not be able to arrange her plan appropriately.

In addition to that her day seems to be very dynamic and work-loaded so it would be useful if she speaks to her husband to take some responsibilities towards the family as well. If she deals with problems as they arise and not Just keep putting them off till the last minute it would be much less stressful for her and also she would have more available time to deal with unexpected issues. As a result she would be more organized and effective as a manager. If she keeps working in ineffective manner things within the organization are likely to go out of control as everyone relies on her, which may result her losing the Job.