Everything revolves around nature

Everything Revolves Around Nature When I sit at the edge of Brush lake and watch the wind make ripples on the lake with the glistening sun off the blue water, it reminds me of the early mornings fishing. When the sun is just rising off the lake with the fog hovering over the water, I think that it is possibly one of the prettiest things a person could watch. I think that it represents the earth waking up and getting ready for the day. The fog is like the earth’s personal blanket, as it wakes up and the fog will rise off the water and once the fog is off the water and has disappeared the earth has been fully awakened. When you are casting your frog across the water and walking it back to the boat, there is nothing better than a big bass unleashing its wrath on your frog, when the fish jumps out of the water, nothing but a smile is on my face.

When I sit here in the long green grass it reminds of the early mornings in the duck blind. With the brisk fall breeze on my face and watching the birds fly around the lake, listening to the birds chirp and sing behind us in the thick woods helps me calm down. When the bright red sun rises early, shining all over the mallard decoys it just reminds how lucky I am to wake up every day and live in this great country. When we see that first flock of ducks fly over, all I can think about is the ducks, only the ducks, nothing else runs through my head. When they come locked up right into our decoy spread, then all I think about is shooting, actually trying to hit the stupid things, because it isn’t easy. I think it just amazes me on how we all came up with all these words to use, why they are spelled like that and how we pronounce them.

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Then it brings me beyond thinking at that point because I just can’t think anymore, I just stop because I just lose myself at that point and cant get past that point in my mind. Honestly, I would love to live in the deep woods. I wouldn’t get bothered by any people, I would be all to myself. I think it would be very relaxing just to sit and chill out in the woods and drink a cup of coffee and listen to all the different sounds. The sounds on how nature lives its life just as we do, in all our own different ways. It would bring me into a whole different state of mind on how to live life.

Nature to me is one of the most fascinating things God could have gave us. To study. To look after as if it was one of our own kids and we have to protect it from bad things that this planet gave us. Brush Lake really reminds me of being on the lake with my dad. I want to cherish every moment with him.

Catching big bass and shooting ducks with him will be my favorite memories for all my life. It is possibly one of my favorite things to do in life and I will miss it when it is gone.