Nature vs. Nurture

Many people argue nature vs nurture when determining which aspect has shaped humans into how one acts and behave in their daily life.On the nature side, scientists explain it as what we are born with, including inherited traits from our parents.While on the other hand, nurture is environmental factors that have influenced a human’s behavior; furthermore, factors that one develops as he or she grows and is faced with the real world.

For me, I believe nurture creates individuals into the manner and attitude they each portray. Although many debate that nature is the prime control of a human’s overall outcome, I firmly stand by the idea of nurture. I believe multiple components develop throughout an individual’s life that adds onto a person’s attributes compared to the amount passed down through one’s genetics.Yes, I agree the characteristics one receives from his or her parents most definitely contributes to a human’s behavior; however, the way an individual is taught, influenced by others, who one hangs around, and the activities he or she is involved in overweighs the results in an effective impact.For example, in the movie Trading Places, a very wealthy man with a well-paid job takes a turn for the worse when his life is suddenly flipped upside down.

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Louis Winthorpe was living the dream until a poor, underprivileged Billy Ray Valentine replaces his extravagant lifestyle.Instead of the exquisite life Louis once owned, he was now stuck in the exact opposite position.Louis was forced to find ways to adjust to his new environment and the problems placed upon him each day. Although, he was absolutely stubborn with the situation, there was not much more he could do besides work with what he had. This example, visibly displays the effect of nurture through the way Louis and Billy Ray were both encouraged to make alterations to their life.

In addition, I believe in my life I have grown into the woman I am mentally and physically through the people I surround myself by and the everyday activities I pursue. Not only for those reasons but also for who I am choosing to become and desire to be, which leads to the actions I make every day. Overall, I side with nurture when determining between the argument of nature and nurture due to the fact I believe an individual develops and behaves based on their surroundings. The debate between nature vs nurture is very heated as many people have strong beliefs towards one side or the other.Nature is the idea that an individual’s behavior was genetically inherited; on the other case, nurture is the idea that an individual’s behavior is developed and brought about as he or she grows.I see the stance from both point of views; however, I stand by the side of nurture.I simply believe that one changes as their surroundings, friends, and actions change which overall effects his or her behavior.