Case Study on Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs Nurture Case Study:

Nature vs nurture is the debate about the role of bringing up and genetics and natural factors on the formation of the human character and skills. This debate appeared in the 20th century when psychologists decided to define the actual influence of different natural or inborn and obtained factors on the development of the human being. The discussion of the issue lost its popularity and relevance in the middle of 1970s with the development of psychogenetic studies which united both concepts or nature and nurture creating the single picture of the formation of the psychics of the human being. The supporters of nurture believed that the character and skills of the human being are formed exclusively under the effect of the environment, education, socialization and communication.

They denied the influence of genetics on the formation of the human psychics claiming that the human being a social creature which can develop in any way depending on the environment, parents and teachers.The opposite opinion is represented by the supporters of the nature concept, who state that the human being obtains his skills and type of character already with his birth and education will not be able to change the human psychics radically. They tried to prove that the human being should be allowed to develop without the influence of the social environment, because the surrounding will just ruin the actual personality and its originality. Fortunately, the discussion on nature vs nurture finished with the consensus that both elements influence the development of the human being – genetics provides one with the foundation and potential and the human can develop the potential in the process of bringing up and intensive socialization.Nature vs nurture is the dispute between the supporters of two opposite concepts which define the role of genetics and bringing up on the development of the human character.

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