Understanding Nature

“Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”Ralph Waldo Emerson Naturalism is a view of nature where nature acts indifferent towards humans. This indifference can either aid humans or hurt them. Here specifically Emerson shows that he believes this indifference is a cause and effect of life.

Every action results in an outcome. Humans are strong when they understand that their circumstances boil down to cause and effect and empty when they believe that their circumstances boil down to their luck. There is a juxtaposition in this quote which shows the reader the strong distinction Emerson draws upon. He shows there are two ways to understand life and nature, but only one is correct. Emerson draws his view distinctly from naturalism, and this quote shows his distinct naturalistic viewpoint. This viewpoint is distinctly different than the ideal of finding the serene in nature.

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In naturalism, there is no human connection with God or even any part of nature. A person is affected by nature in what can either be seen as positive or negative, and nature does not care. However, in a serene state of nature, one can find God, find peace, and truth.