Exchange & Mart

Company: ProteusCustomer: Exchange & MartSubmitted by: Montgomery-Baird CommunicationsFrom a one-man specialist bookseller to live, online car auctions proteus has developed and deployed ecommerce strategy since 1995. Below are just a few of the clients who’ve benefited from proteus’ expertise.

Exchange & Mart

Exchange & Mart is the UK’s leading classified advertising publication covering all aspects of the motor, home ; leisure and business markets.

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The Brief

Exchange ; Mart’s objective was to translate their classified advertising database on to the internet, while appending a wide range of added value content and functionality. The ongoing intention is to bring buyers and sellers together in an online environment and provide content relevant to all stages of the transactional process.

The Solution

Through a constant process of consultation, proteus offered United Advertising Publications both programming and implementation skills to successfully develop Exchange & Mart’s online presence.Michelle Hackworthy, Head of New Media for United Advertising Publications said, “The internet site has allowed Exchange & Mart to attract a new and wider demographic to it’s classified database, thus increasing response potential for advertisers. It also provides excellent opportunities for brand development in terms of added value editorial, e-commerce and sponsorship.”