Eyes for Facebook

That typical kid who sits next to you in class, and walks down the same hallways as you everyday, could be one of the many targeted victims of online bullying, abuse, or threats. You may not even notice.

Nobody ever would if teachers or school officials weren’t monitoring their students Facebook pages. Its best to have them involved and keeping an eye out for any suspicious material or issues that occur daily on facebook. Having access to facebook will protect students! It provides safety and security when threats or signs of a bully are acknowledged. As long as they know about it, authorities can handle matters that pose a potential danger.

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The damage of cyber bullying is psychological, but often carries in thoughts to reality and becomes a very real issue. It isn’t hard to log on and locate a bully, there are no short supply of those who wish to knock others self esteem down a few notches. If a principal could monitor such activity, online bullying would decrease dramatically. Most teens and kids are more likely to harass someone else through a computer screen then to their face. They feel more in control if they know there isn’t anything you can do about it in that moment.

Students tend to be more powerful without having to prove anything or show anyone up. They can feel the biggest and the baddest when they’re only comparing them-self to them-self. Another positive outcome of monitored facebook is resolution of issues before they enter a school building and cause a big issue. Gossip is another dangerous thing to deal with throughout schools. Rumors spread faster than ever in schools these days and to protect students from cruelty, some issues are best dealt with before word gets out and begins to circulate.

It is also a better way to catch those guilty because if people believe they aren’t being watched that they can get away with more. Therefore they are more explicit with their words. I understand how some students and even their parents could be concerned or uncomfortable with teachers and such monitoring their facebook accounts. They do have to constitutional right to freedom of speech and with such actions by the principal they could argue it is invasion of privacy. However a persons rights end, where some one else’s begin. Meaning, you freedom to say and do as you wish, is only valid when it is not interfering with others.

That is where officials get their right and calling to protect in such form. Besides, if you stay out of trouble and watch your step, you shouldn’t have anything to hide. Safety should always be top priority in schools. Students should walk into school knowing they are protected and safe. If schools have adults have access and are monitoring their student’s facebook pages, there would be much less drama and problems to confront at school. issues could be resolved quicker and safety could be greater enforced.

This makes for the mos accomplish-able comfort and safety to students. It is best for all to have school officials monitoring facebook activity.