Passbooks business

As this issue arises and becomes more public, we will see what Backbone will be doing to ensure users that their personal information is protected. Backbone uses users data to How does Backbone get all of our information? Backbone has a group of 12 researchers that apply programming skills and math to look at our data and produce ways to advance Passbooks business. These groups of researchers have the access to the entire pool of personal data that Backbone has.

Backbone finds ways to get your personal Information by doing It In several different ways.

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First, when you sign up for Backbone and want to become a seer and create a profile, you need to enter your personal email, age, gender and some other personal Information Like your relationship status, where you work and your phone number. Secondly, Backbone can track your Information and data with the “Like” button. With a click of a button other users can see what you liked whether it was a song, a picture or a status (Exhibit 1) For example, someone else could take an embarrassing picture at someone at a party and upload that picture to their profile.

Once the picture is up, the user or another one of their friends can tag the errors in the picture without his consent or permission and other users that are friends with the person in the picture will see that picture on their newsfeed. If the person in the picture wants to take the picture off of Backbone he or she can’t Just click a button like his or her friends did to put the picture on Backbone, he has to call a help number to get the picture removed.

Also, outside of Backbone, Backbone can collect data on Its users from other websites.

For example If you listen too song or read a news article on a deferent website It Is transferred to Backbone and available o other users to see your activity without even clicking a “Like” button. Exhibit 1 Backbone has come up with a couple features as a response to the privacy criticism. The first feature is called Groups. This feature allowed users and their friends to place each other in a number of social circles and choose which bits of information who they want to share with who they want to.

This seems like a good way to keep your information private and only to the people that you choose to share it with but on the contrary, this feature allows friends to have the ability to add users to groups n their behalf without consent of other users.

Another feature that was aided to help the privacy Issue but TLD get warm reception was the “Places” feature. This feature has been criticized because It gives online friends the ability to check someone into a place without that person’s permission. The free collection of user data Is causing some people to De caustics towards Facedown Ana Its privacy policy.

When you sign up for Backbone it assumes you want to share as much as your personal data as possible. If you don’t want to share as much data as possible you eave to change your privacy settings which can be confusing and cause trouble to the user. Why not Just let the default privacy settings be tight privacy controls and have the user adjust what privacy controls they want.

If Backbone fails to improve its privacy policy, it could lose users, which in turn means a loss of capital for Backbone because the users are the source of capital.

This need for personal data reflects a fundamental truth about Backbone. Backbone provides a free service that users pay for in effect, by providing details about their lives, friendships, interests and activities. Backbone then uses that specific of information to attract advertisers, app makers and other business opportunities. Backbone sells ad space on its site and helps its advertisers aim their ads at specific groups of Backbone users based on characteristics of its members’ profile data such as favorite songs and movies and foods. Backbone also works with app developers.

Backbone hands over a certain amount of user profile data to the app makers in order for them to make their APS accustom to the likes of the users. In return Backbone receives a small amount of money from sharing agreements with the app developers. The overall size of the Backbone community of users is attractive to advertisers and app makers for obvious reasons, but Backbone also helps them out by providing helpful user data to make impressions on the Backbone audience. When you buy an app, there is a chance that you are supplying the app developers with your personal information.

Even when you use the APS on Backbone like playing games, taking quizzes and sharing other services you are giving away your personal data and you don’t even know it. Some of the most popular Backbone APS seek email addresses, current location, sexual reference and other details not only of the person using the app, but the users Backbone friends as well.

This kind of sharing of personal information is what fuels the advertising industry and allows advertisers to create customized ads to suit the interest of the user’s information.

The size of Backbone along with its 800 million plus user base of people is why it is the heart of the personal data economy and main supplier of advertisers and app developers. APS on Backbone can go viral and gain millions of users but can also lose users Just as quickly. This is the main reason why app developers and advertisers seek to find the most amount of data possible in order to seek a target audience of users from the data given and make money from it.

A problem with app developers obtaining data directly from peoples Backbone accounts are that some APS are letting other advertising companies track users without consent of Backbone and its advertising policies. Backbone can get users personal data in many ways and Backbone user’s data can create business opportunities for Backbone and other businesses which is violating your privacy.

Once a user’s information has been placed into the system, there is no way to retain full control over how it is used, regardless of the number of safety features the sites eventually add.

Other users can feed this information into the system about another user, and that information can be tied to the original user’s account, or your information can be sold to advertising companies and app developers for money. Data management will be the Achilles heel of Backbone and if they don’t ensure users tenet data Is sate, Facedown will lose some AT Its users. It Is vital Tanat Facecloth users ATA informed about how these services affect their own privacy even as they move forward with innovative outreach programs.

Backbone patrons currently exist in the world of social networking sites, whether they are informed or not. By staying constantly alert we can make wise choices that maintain our ethical standards.

SOOT Analysis (Exhibit) 2 Strengths Passbooks greatest strength is its network of subscribers and the detailed information they obtain from each and every user. With such widespread data it is easy for Backbone to tailor their product whether it is the advertising or some other Oromo of marketing in the future.

Allowing customers to develop their own third party applications while still keeping the clean Backbone style differentiates our product extremely well Strong relationships with other companies such as Amazon and Microsoft The ease of use of our website Weaknesses Passbooks greatest weakness is they have been unable to generate nearly as much revenue as might be expected from their large user base and the corresponding user profile information which would help deliver targeted advertising Social networking sites suffer from extremely low click-through-rates on their ads.

Issue of privacy Opportunities Better use of information for targeted marketing and user services User created content is an extremely important aspect of modern internet companies Can work on a spending and purchasing system to within the target market to allow transactions to happen more frequently and easily Threats Social networking industry has low barriers to entry Risk of losing customers or users to new feature used by other social networking site Question 1- Passbooks privacy management of user’s personal information affects the behavior of Backbone users in several ways.

The most important reason is that people don’t want their personal information Just floating around to other strangers other than their friends. From the evidence above you can clearly see that Backbone collects your personal data right when you sign up and create your profile, and by following your activity and when you “Like” something on Backbone. Once they have your personal data they sell it in exchange for money to advertising companies and app developers to put out advertisements toward your likes and interests so you can click on their advertisements and make them money.

Users will likely change their rivalry settings in order for their personal data to be kept to themselves or some will even delete their Backbone account in order to stop having their personal information floating around and being used by Backbone. As this problem arises, Backbone needs to come together as an organization and find ways to better their privacy policy Detour Facedown users realize tenet personal International Is not sate Ana stop slung the site completely.

In order to be a successful organization, you must foster innovation and master the art of a change which is what Backbone might have to do with its rising concern over its privacy policy. Question 2- In October 2010, Backbone revealed a feature called “Groups” which allowed users and their friends to place each other in a number of social circles and choose which bits of information to share with whom. This action was a positive step for Backbone in fixing the problem with their privacy policy, as it allowed you to choose who you want to share your personal information with.

On the contrary, this didn’t really solve the problem because people could add you into their groups without you knowing it or wanting them too and they can have access to your personal information without your onset. Although Backbone has tried to fix the privacy issue, I still don’t think they are doing anything strong enough to get Backbone users to trust that their information is safe and not floating around to other random Backbone users. As a college student and a daily Backbone user, I have not done anything to protect my privacy on Backbone.

After reading this article and realizing how users personal data gets transferred all around I will definitely have to adjust my privacy settings so that only my friends can see my activity and no one that I don’t know can’t have access to y personal profile and my information without asking for my permission with a friend request. Also with this privacy issue you have to be careful what you put on Backbone because anyone can see it if you don’t adjust your settings properly.

At this point, we are all going to be graduating within a year and be seeking employment after graduating. If your employers go on your Backbone page and find pictures of you at parties or you swearing and fighting with people on Backbone this could ruin your chances of getting hired because your personal data is available to anyone who searches your name unless you adjust your privacy settings. Question 3- The availability of Backbone user’s personal data can be used to create business opportunities for Backbone and other businesses.

Like stated before, When you make your profile on Backbone and include your age, sex, interests, or whether you are in a relationship or not or “Like” an activity of Backbone, Backbone takes that data and exchanges it to advertising and app developers for money and the app developers and advertising companies create a service accustom to the data that was given to them by Backbone.

Backbone creates a free service for its users in order to use their arsenal data and basically sells it to other advertising companies and app developers in order to make a profit.

Question 4- Some benefits that would result if Mark Cerberus future ambitions for Backbone are realized would be that it would be easier to communicate. If you can type a person’s name into a worldwide platform, find that person and communicate with them then that system can be valuable to have. Another benefit would be that everything you need would be in one spot and you don’t have to search the internet. If you want to play a game, watch a video, store mom pictures or even find a Job that will be all available to you in one place with Cerberus future ambitions.

Again, the problem is should people be excited or doubtful about Backbone and its desire to create a digital world filled with all of our data and what can happen to our data regarding the privacy of personal data. Organizations must be flexible and fast in order to survive. In order for Backbone to survive It needs to ensure users Tanat tenet personal data Is sate Ana rethink t data management before creating a whole new digital world or find ways to not benefit from the users data to generate income.