Factors that impact crushing and screening plant in practice

Now in the actual production process, the production of mineral processing to meet the need to improve the efficiency of Crushing And Screening Plant guarantee ore into the mill pass premise. First, the nature of the materials is one of the factors that affect the efficiency Crushing And Screening Plant. Ore hardness is an important factor affecting the broken ore hardness is objective, can not be overcome.

Hardness greater the harder broken; hardness more brittle, more easily broken. Granular materials.

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Feed size, the lower the crushing efficiency; to mine the more fine-grained level, the higher the crushing and creening efficiency. Material in the mud, water content. Clay, the greater the water content, the lower the crushing and screening efficiency, when the water content of the ore is greater than 5%, more influence, when moisture increased to 8 to 12%, the most severely affected, but the material in the water than this When the range, the viscosity of the material but weakened, while significantly reducing its adverse effects.

Conversely, the higher the crushing and screening efficiency.

Materials containing mineral mud or other sticky substances, not even water, is also bonded into a group, resulting in blockage of rushing and screening equipment, general processing such ores, increasing some washing process, carried off the mud, broken sieve for improving of efficiency is very beneficial. Second, improve the efficiency of Crushing And Screening Plant, crushing and equipment can not be separated, the structure also affects the efficiency of the equipment production capacity and equipment.

Broken equipment commonly used in the production of various models are made of Jaw crusher, cone crusher composition, segmented broken. To properly broken than the basic equipment of each device to achieve the appropriate row of ore eed size and granularity. Jaw crusher ore positions before the general to add grille, chunks or appropriate to carry out blasting treatment to ensure feed size, in order to improve the efficiency of crushing Jaw crusher. Cone crusher ore hopper to be positive for the sub-ore mine plate, divided evenly into ore crushing chamber, even broken, so broken maximize efficiency.

Screening equipment is usually used shaker sieve fixing bars. Screening a great influence on the mechanical properties of productivity and efficiency of screening operations. Chief among them: the screen surface type, mesh shape, mesh size sieve tate of motion and length and width dimensions, inclination and so on. According to the actual requirements of the production capacity, especially designed to ensure adequate area, mesn size, otherwise, the screening efficiency can not be guarant production needs.

Furthermore, the inclination of the shaker must be adjusted to fit, generally between 25 0; fixed bar screen multi inclination between 40 0 ” 45 0 Third, as the wear and tear of equipment, to promptly adjust the size of the port of discharge, improve crushing efficiency, reduce cycle in the process of ore to ensure low ycle load operation. Furthermore, given the uniformity of mineral materials, crushing and screening process to ensure the efficiency of the operation is also an important factor.

Feeding too much can cause clogging crusher chamber, but also make the plot vibrating sieve surface mine too thick shake it up. Conversely, too little or intermittent feeding, the device will load and reduce production capacity, and a waste of electricity. Four, Crushing And Screening Plant process design: Design should be scientific and applicability, the production capacity to support a variety of devices. Including the ransport capacity of each of the conveyor belt.

Selection based on product size, requirements is a top priority in order to facilitate loading and production cycle to ensure product quality and equipment.

Otherwise, it may cause due to insufficient local production capacity, which will affect the whole process of crushing and screening efficiency. Fifth, ensure that the equipment in good condition, but also to ensure that one of factors Crushing And Screening Plant efficiency. Routine maintenance of equipment maintenance, to ensure protection of equipment intact rate.

Meanwhile, strict ompliance with safety technology operating procedures, technical procedures, equipment maintenance procedures, but also to ensure that the necessary equipment in good condition. The only way to effectively improve the crushing and screening efficiency. In short, we practice in production, it is necessary to ensure that the technical parameters of each device, to adjust, according to the three operating procedures to ensure that equipment is in good condition, but also to be observed in the nature of the ore to make the right decisions, in order to facilitate efficient crushing and screening improved.