HARM Could Practice Case Study

Responsible for your company’s reputation? . Should social responsibility be a matter of business strategy (deciding whether the practices will boost profits in the long term), ethics (deciding whether practices are morally right), or both? Why? The answer of this question varies from person to person, but is my opinion answer is probably one that demonstrates an understanding of both business strategy as well as ethics is motivators for corporate social responsibility.

Social responsibility is a good business strategy because of the enhanced reputation that a many enjoys.

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It is also a matter of business ethics to be socially responsible, because inherent in social responsibility is a concern for all who are impacted by the activities of a corporation. 2. Review the functions and responsibilities of human resource management and identify areas where HARM might contribute to social responsibility. In deciding Neither to take a socially responsible approach in each of these areas, consider what ethical principles you could apply. In staffing the organization, HARM could ensure that its practices are fair and equitable and that they are free from bias and coordination.

HARM could practice social responsibility in its employee relations practices, ensuring that all employees are treated fairly. HARM could practice social responsibility in its employee benefits practices, doing business with healthcare providers and other related suppliers who demonstrate concern for employees and their wellbeing. HARM could practice social responsibility in its pay practices, rewarding employees for behavior that is consistent with a concern for people and the environment in addition to profits. These activities demonstrate ethical principles of fairness and Justice.