Family Relations

In any given research paper, the abstract is one of the most significant sections in the paper. Abstract is an integral part of a research paper writing assignment since it is usually a recap of the content of the research paper.

Abstract is important because it says what the paper is all about in a very clear terms. Many writers through their well constructed abstract; the reader is therefore helped to decide whether or not they want to read the research paper. AS a reader after going through this abstract, it is clear that the expectations of this article is to investigates the use of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) among a national representative sample of high school students. Secondly, another expectation is to investigate the use of AAS as shaped by norms and values embedded in social relationship and finally to investigate individual phenomenon motivated by the desire to be successful in sports. The findings show that those who smoke daily are about 1.8 times more likely to use AAS in comparison to those who do not smoke.

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The same relationship is also obtained for alcohol and spit tobacco. The findings also indicated that regular use of both tobacco and alcohol is likely to increase the use of steroids significantly. Again the findings confirmed the previous analyses after using various substances as continuous variables in predicting substance use at distinguished points in the distribution. We see the author distinguish their findings from the other individual findings by stating that the findings led considerable support to the social context and also presents the logistic regression analyses for AAs use across various social background factors that are associated with te use of substance. The synopsis of this study is: “A growing body of substantiation indicates that the use of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) can be precarious to overall health. The detrimental effects of AAS on the mental health, the liver, cardiovascular system, and the reproductive system are well documented.

” The relationship between the research and the public popular image is that most young people who use AAS face greater health risks as compared to other age groups. Generally the public discussion in regards to AAS use has centered on sports, especially the elite athletes who are considered to be at an increased risk when it comes to using these agents. This is so because of the strong incentives that entice winners to cheat. The purpose of the study is to investigate the use of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) among a national representative sample of high school students of any given school.The main purpose of the method employed in carrying out this research is that it helps in determining the most appropriate research methodology.

As in this case, the method employed used logistic regression and probabilities to analyze data from a national representative survey of any given high school. The measurements used suggest that the use of ASS and basically the illegal substances should be considered more as a social and health problem rather than sports specific issue. It is clear that there are drawbacks since it should not be done at the expense of general risk factors that affect ASS and other related substances that are used by the general public. The importance of this study to family is that they get to know whether the family members at school levels arre using the drugs and therefore look into ways of addressing the situation. In so doing the community is also helped since the youths are the future leaders and in addressing the issues that affect them we stand a chance to secure better leadership structures.

The health of the victims is also taken care of since most people or victims are likely to learn and know the measures to take in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. The author (s) links the literature, methodology, and conclusion by discussing the following instances: i) They approximate the use of AAS for the high school population at the national level. ii) The compare AAS use across social categories of sport and physical exercise with AAS use among those who are physically inactive.iii) They examine the connection between numerous social risk factors and AAS use. iv) Lastly, we look at the variation in the relationship of sport participation and informal physical exercise with AAS use across levels of social integration and anomie.

Generally, the use of AAS among high school students coincides with the use of other such substances, and is subjective by collective factors that have been shown to predict the use of other drugs. Such facts emphasize the significance of adopting a broader, more comprehensive view of anticipation and the use of substance. While separating and targeting extraordinary risk groups is vital, it should not be therefore at the expense of working with general risk factors that affect the whole inhabitants. Finally, results recommend that it is vital to put into consideration the social context and to direct prevention efforts for groups and also persons.