Female Smokers Face

Female smokers face the risk of becoming infertile and developing complications throughout the pregnancy period. Quite a good number of women who have desired to be mothers yet have not quit smoking face the risk of being infertile.

If the female smoker is about thirty four years old and uses birth control pills, the risk of getting a heart attack or stroke is doubled. Increased chances of contracting cervix cancer, premature menopause and abnormalities of the menstrual cycle are beside the predicaments faced by female smokers (Hayashi 56). On the other hand, an impregnated woman has a higher chance of having a miscarriage, premature birth, still birth, and low birth weight that gravely interferes with the fetus’ growth and maturity. The fetus may further be debilitated in the case that a non-smoking mother is exposed to a substantial amount of the cigarette smoke. Accordingly, male smokers might have reduced sperm mobility, lower count of sperm, and elevated percentage of malformed sperms. Moreover, smoking leads to minimized sex hormones as well as impotence.

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This condition emerges as a result of the damaged blood vessels which nourish the reproductive system. Conclusion The consequences of smoking are so severe. Based on the above effects, it is so detrimental for an individual to engage in the habit of smoking. It is clear that cigarettes have nicotine and other chemicals that are destructive. For instance, Tar, which is contained in the smoke, has carcinogenic matter that leads to cancer. The main substance contained in cigarette smoke is nicotine.

This elevates the cholesterol levels in ones body and is addictive too. A different substance found in cigarettes is carbon monoxide which diminishes the body’s oxygen supply. As much as people will have reasons to smoke, the negative impacts related to smoking are very many. An individual ought to consider the demerits associated with this habit before deciding to start smoking. The society should enlighten the people on the impacts of smoking to both the individual as well as the entire society.