Media and the real face of prejudice

There are many situations that bring about the chance of degrading one particular group of people or a particular race. This degradation on their identity is usually carried on due to the mark that these groups have as per suggested by the society. As for example, minorities in the American society are usually treated indifferently especially when it comes to employment and local government service provisions. This situations cause the imbalance in the human society.

These situations are particularly identified as prejudice. What really is prejudice? Putting aside or treating a particular group of people without realizing that they too are hurt or at some point are even aggravated by the situation that is being presented to them by the individuals who are in the society. It could be noted too that this situation is a widespread problem among all the nations worldwide. This is the reason why there are different measures of indication that this is indeed an occurring situation that needs to be seriously dealt with. Media has been one of the most influential presentations that affect the level of understanding that the society has upon the issues of prejudice and how serious it is actually in effect with the people living in a community.

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There are different issues that are included in this indicated situation. One is that of the non-provision of the basic necessities that the government provides commoners in the community. Mos often than not, there are instances when the media news actually show how much neglected the minorities are when it comes to receiving these provisions of the local governments. These news pieces aim to bring about realization to the community. Basically, the idea is that the need to create balance in the community for the sake of having better sense of the situation and doing something about it in their own personal ways.

On the other hand, sometimes, media could also aggravate the situation through encouraging the differentiation of the people in the community through the utilization of movies and some particular TV programs that notes the indication of the differentiation of the status of the people. Through instantiating the ideas of imbalance in the society, it could be seen that the people who are watching these programs become alienated on the thoughts that suggest the identification of making a good introduction of prejudice even among the young generation who are supposed to practically make a difference on how the balance in society is supposed to be changed towards the development of the process by which people see each other. There are also some programs that promote the differences in a definite approach to how to make a balance in the society according to the numerous approaches that are used to make a considerable progress in the issues that are supposed to be dealt with in connection with prejudice and its existence in the society. These pprograms aim to show the contrast in the society and how the people on the other side of prejudice and its occurrence try their best to make a development on how balance is supposed to be viewed by the society at present.Yes, media has a great impact on how people today are dealing with the serious issues that are affecting the human society at present.

It could not be denied that somehow, these affect the idealism of people towards the different matters that are making a great impact on the being of human individuals. Media however could both affect the situation in a negative or the positive approach. In this regard, the issue on prejudice and the major problems that come along with it are supposed to be dealt with through the constant recognition of human relations balance. Truthfully, it could be seen that the idealisms that are surrounding this balance is based form the cooperation of the people from around the world to stand for the challenge and somehow manage to change things towards the manner that they should be. Through this compromising approach, people are supposed to be affected as to how they are able to define themselves as a part of the society that is making a great impact on how social balance is applied especially when it comes to dealing with people of different race, different age, different gender and different economic status. It is through the realization that they need to be balanced about the way that they see themselves and how they see others in equality.