Females Are Better Student Than Male

Well, everyone’s different, but generally speaking I think that the evidence is clear girls are better at school until higher education at least. Girls tend to mature faster and they are less easily distracted during the lower education years. Also girls and boys learn differently, boys more visually, girls are better at verbal and written learning. This gives an obvious advantage in most classrooms. In addition to learning different, the mind works different.

Girls all through life (not just the school years) are better at communication in most cases (I even think this has been shown in brain scans, a woman’s brain is more active during conversation than a man’s), again this is something helpful in a classroom setting so it is an advantage.

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Guys are better at some aspects in general. The Male mind for instance generally is better wired for math because of the difinitive nature of numbers – though god forbid this be pointed out lest a feminist start a petition or something. None of these rules are set in stone though.

Some guys are excellent communicators, some women are excellent in math, but as a general statement it is fair to say females are better students all around. Indeed it is a fact that women have overtaken men at almost every level of education in developed countries around the world. Many factors have contributed to this namely; 1.

The role of parents —–> Parents prefer to read books and play educational indoor games(Ex : Scrabble) with their daughters while they practice outdoor sports(Ex : Football) with their sons.

So boys, since their early age are not inserted into the educative sector. 2. Boys take more time to mature and develop than girls —-> Research have shown that overall intelligence between boys and girls are the same. But if you look at the ability of someone to perform well in a timed situation, females have a big advantage.

One theory points to differences between the brains of boys and girls. While girls’ brains are more verbally oriented, often making reading skills easier for them, boys’ brains are visually oriented.

This is why they tend to perform better academically especially adding to the fact that education in almost every school is verbal. 3. Boys are more easily distracted than girls —-> Technological advances fascinates males most.

Video games, more often played by boys, detract from after-school time that could be better spent on schoolwork, causing lower scores. Girls however use their time effectively and prefer to read something rather than just sit in front of the tv or pc.

Also “Girls achieve more at school because they are watching the future while the boys are watching the girls” Guy Chapman, UK I admit that I am myself a victim here. 4. Boys are more physically restless than girls —->”Boys can read, but they need to be moving around or they need to be doodling, they need to be doing something that’s activating their brains,” said Dr.

Michael Gurian, a family therapist. 5.

Subject is also a prime factor —-> Boys tend to surpass girls in Maths and Sciences while the rest is dominated by girls. This is because girls can understand and study *by heart* very easily. Boys however have a tendency to understand the basic principle and then derive their own method of work. 6.

Aspirations and Preparation —-> There is also some evidence that girls who graduate from high school have higher aspirations and better preparation for post-secondary education than boys do.

For example, a University of Regina study found that 62 percent of female high school seniors plan to graduate from a four-year-college, compared with 51 percent of male students. We are just comparing males and females and concluding that boys are better than girls. This is not a fair comparison. Statistics have shown that both of them are on the rise in terms of performance academically.

The only difference is that women have a much higher rate of increase than men